Saturday, March 28, 2015

Adepticon 2015: Bolt Happened

Adepticon has come and gone and what a show it was! This was the premiere of an entire WEEKEND of Bolt Action events; team doubles, combat patrol, singles, and tank wars!

I was in charge of organizing the doubles event and unofficially speaking, it was the first official doubles event of its kind. :)

 We begin the day with the BIG WAR BOARD! This would be used to track each allied and axis victory as the day went on. 
Next up were the war documents. These beauties were saved by my family back during the war. Chicago Tribune articles from the invasion of Poland, Belgium, and France; to the day after Pearl Harbor, complete with the wild eyed rumor mill reporting we are used to today.

We had 16 teams in total. That meant 8 games with 1 table extra for a little rotation. Each table had a specific scenario tailored to fit the historic nature of the conflict.
 La Rochelle Sub Pen
 Utah Beach

 Pegasus Bridge
 Tunisia Airfield
Battle of Belgium

We wanted the players to really feel immersed in the battles while also generating a larger sense of each side of the war. We placed poker chips on each table. These pieces of "Intel" were tallied over the first 2 games. The third game began with the Allies gathering more intel and could place a secret airmail package anywhere on the center table line. 

Either team could claim the prize, what awaited inside was a D3 roll, ammo, medicine, or nothing!

The rough nationalities of the day were. (Individual team members forces)

It was a 2:1 split in Allies:Axis

9 German
1 Italian
12 American
3 Russian
1 French
5 British

The results! 

In our local scene and I think one could surmise from the national scene, we all want to play fun games. Being a good sport is a much a two sided game as the models we move. For the reason we award the Sportsmanship award first. 
Another difference in how we have adapted to giving out awards is similar to the NBA draft. Lottery ticket style in that the higher you rank the more tickets you get, thus increased chances for picking first. 

In the prize pool we have generous vouchers from Warlord games, tanks from Trenchworx, US paratroopers from Offensive Miniatures, unique 3D kits from Mad Bob Emerson and paint sets from Flames of war. 

Best Team Sportsmanship: Market Garden Polish Paratroops and US Armor
Best Theme: USA Normandy (seen below)
Best Axis General: Waffen SS and German Panzer
Best Allied General: USMC
Best Painted: Italian Armor and Waffen SS

I cannot thank all the sponsors, supporters, and local help we received for this event. From the local teams that PERSONALLY built these beautiful tables, to the huge support Adepticon put forward to help make this THE location for Bolt Action. I have to thank these generous companies who put their name and product out there. 

Warlord Games
Offensive Miniatures
Mad Bob Miniatures

All these companies really blew peoples minds. 

With that, I excitedly would like to announce, the official unveiling for  Adepticon 2016. 

Bolt Action US Grand Nationals

In conjunction with Warlord Games and Adepticon 2016, we will be hosting a 2 day, 5 game National event for the Bolt Action Community, world wide!

That is right, we are calling you out Australia! UK! Europe! East Coast USA! Alaska! and anywhere else that Bolt Action is played. You are all welcomed to join us on the battlefield for glory, stories, and friendship.   

Please check back here,, and warlord games for more information and news regarding this exciting announcement.  

Monday, March 16, 2015

Adepticon 2015 Prologue

 Well it has been awhile but this has been the craziest 6 months up to an event ever. And to kick it off we have the premiere of the prestigious Team Bolt Action Doubles extravaganza bonanza fiesta grande. There is no shortened version of the name. Deal with it.

On the ballet are custom, historic scenarios to match 10 different and unique battlefields from the war. Utah beach, pegasus bridge, Tunisia, Foy, Caen, Stalingrad, La Rochelle sub pen.... to name  a few.... Yeah I just said La Rochelle sub pen... the one from Indiana Jones and from Das Boot. It is going to blow your mind. 
 I don't remember if I posted any shots of the pegasus bridge table, just needs some more more scatter stuff but that is one of the tables folks will be battling on.
 We have got super generous prize support from Trenchworx, Offensive Miniatures, and Mad Bob Emerson Miniatures. They are all making awesome metal and 3D printed kits that you cannot find elsewhere.
 I also finally finished my M3 Lee tank platoon. These guys underwent some painting difficulties in trying to adapt a white washing snow technique to desert weathering. The end result is some  veteran Lee crews adapting German ambush camouflage...
 The Lees are made by Blitzkrieg models, who now offer free shipping to the world..... so yeah...
Some epic snow terrain for Lt. Speirs and the assault on Foy....

 But watch out for those aliens! Also finished up my Zentraedi battle fleet of the Crimson Moon. These models are for the 1st of its kind, Robotech Tactics tournament. Hopefully those fancy crystals help these guys on the battlefield.

 And back to WW2. A late addition to the painting que. This M16 halftrack is a beast! The Bad Boys are rocking quad .50 calibers for anti-aircraft or dealing with pesky enemy veteran infantry. This half track and the M3 Lees will appear as part of a ringer army if we have an odd number of folks. This model is made by Warlord.
Sorry about the slow updates, but ADEPTICON IS HERE! Check back for massive photo bombs, coverage, and reports of the best US gaming convention!

A secret spy plane caught wind of the La Rochelle sub pen table. This is a 3D rendering. You will have to be there in person to see the finished product! Or just check back here afterwards.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lego My Eggo

4Ground terrain shipment arrived and it took me right back to the time of building legos. It was such a crazy feeling to be building wargames terrain and not having to take it to the next step of painting afterwards. Quite a relief to be honest.

Once you the hang of the instructions the kits build quite quickly but they go take some time getting used to.

So I popped on Patton and The Longest Day and got to work gluing...

 That escalated quickly...

The Adepticon build has gotten back on track. Even had the exact amount of ballast to seal this baby...

February 1st is the final edits to rule packets for Adepticon so things are getting close. I have something really special planned for all those in attendance at the doubles event. 

My great Uncle was part of an observation crew that mapped enemy positions from the air. He was involved in the end of the Africa invasion and primarily flew missions in Italy. His family saved all the big headlines from the Chicago Tribune back in the day. 

I framed the big names ones, 1939 German attacks, French blitzkrieg, Pearl Harbor, liberating Rome, and D-Day. Complete with maps and all the speculation of the day.

We will also be tracking all the results of the days battles on a world map. Seeing how people change history fighting in some of the most famous battles of the time. Normandy, Pegasus Bridge, Stalingrad, Foy, Caen, Berlin, Tunisia. 

On the space front, the United Defense Force has discovered a secret Zentraedi asteroid base.

Really happy with this table. Last minute touches will be mounted it about 6 inches taller on PVC pipe stands. Get that floating look.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Pink Party

 Terrain update here. Been firing on all cylinders. Have two 4x6 tables on the work bench. The first is a Pegasus Bridge table for Warlord Games Bolt Action. It will be the best terrain event at Adepticon 2015, so make sure to stop by and check it out!

 Ground has been cut and since this photo, the river has been cut. Waiting on a 4Ground bridge to arrive to make sure measurements are accurate... but this is gonna be an epic table.

 The 2nd table is one for Palladium Games Robotech. The first ever event for this game system that was birthed from the mega successful kickstarter. The rules are great and streamlined for quick access but have a bunch of layers to them for advanced tactics and micromanaging an army.

The beginnings of Asteroid M. If you get the reference you get bonus points.
 The foam was flying hot and heavy on this one.... The pieces are about 6-7 inches thick and each 2x2 will be mounted with its section mate so the board will be in three 2x4 sections. THEN it will have PVC pegs that it will sit upon to give it the floating illusion.

Let me warn the general public, blow torching this much foam was kinda could still use a lot more, but short of making a  flame thrower it won't get to that level. In the end the onyx stone look I think was achieved. I believe height is the future in terrain building and these caves, tunnels, and ledges are just scratching the surface of scenery construction!

Cannot wait for first quarter 2015!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Priority Phases

Sometimes you just need a refreshing keg while you are breaking down a cow...
 Gets the job done. 

A lot has transpired in the last couple weeks; mainly food related stuff being Thanksgiving and all. Establishing priorities in life is what we do on a daily basis. Do I need to leave at a certain time? Complete a task? But sometimes you need set your taste priorities right. 

Tis the season for dry aged rib-eye. Top shelf Wagyu has arrived and will be nice and aged in time for a Christmas roast.

Add squash, sweet potato, or parsnip to your sweets; like this apple crisp with delicata squash. This sounds totally like a food network tip....

Or if pork is more your game. Lazyman's suckling pig: de-boned, confit, and whole roasted.

So if you are in the business of trying out new whiskeys, stay away from this brand on the right. Koval: very over priced and must be mixed to be bearable. A local Chicago distillery that just hasn't figured it out.

That being said, I had to find a use for this bottle. It started with the French 75. A classic cocktail named for it's ability to get you hammered. It was named after the French 75 howitzer that inspired hammering effects, just like the 6th or 8th one of these. The 75 has two variations of either gin or cognac, lemon peel, simple syrup and champagne.

I made a variation dubbed: "The American 105" Whiskey, lemon simple syrup, and prosecco. Basically stuff I had in the fridge. It will get you just as hammered. Success.

On that note, we travel to the shores of France.... where the Allies did they're own artillery assaults during the D-Day invasions. 

 This is a little tease as we call it in the industry. The completed 6x4 Bolt Action Normandy beach and trenches. This is one of a couple fine detailed boards that will be making a debut at the Chicago 2015 Adepticon convention.
A little blurry... maybe the camerman had 1 too many American 105s.... or it is the fog of war.
Check back for more progress on this Normandy table, Pegasus Bridge table, and a very unique moon base table for Palladium games Robotech event.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hold Your Fire: After Weekend Report

This past weekend was Chicagolands first local, dedicated Bolt Action Tournament. While these Italian gunners were lining up a perfect shot on a T-34, lots of Bolt Action was happening!

We had 17 players attend with a lot of new faces to our older group. A great networking and meet up of lots of different players in the state.  From experienced to brand new players, all the games were tense and exciting!

Lots of great terrain, tables, and time were donated from the community to continue the local tradition of exceptional scenes to set our combats upon.  Here are some of the featured tables.

plastic legions great French village

Belgium fields

European Town

Tunisia Airfield

Rhineland Farm

The weekend was a blast and everyone is super stoked to play more Bolt Action and looking forward to Adepticon!

We had a pretty good spread of Nations.

3 Russian
1 Japanese
1 Italian
3 US
2 British
7 German

Two of the US players were closely separated for the top 1 and 2 spots.

My African Italians were awarded a Best Appearance recognition; always a close race and a great reason to keep improving!

I will leave everyone with some action shots, but check back for an exciting announcement concerning 2015's Adepticon Bolt Action Events!

 German trucks try to storm a Russian ruin.
 British Red Devils attack the German held airfield.
 The Allies defend a key town from a German count offensive.
 A German machine gun team rethinks engaging that Russian tank.
 An Italian tank scouts the ruins...
 ...while the Fiat 3000 provides cover from the trees.
 A German assault gun is discovered!
The Italian gunners adjust they're aim to the new threat.

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