Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Las Vegas Open 2017 Bolt Action Results and Recap

 While the NY skyline was outside, inside was some great bolt action! The Las Vegas Open 2017 hosted their first Bolt Event. We had 22 players arrive with 11 tables. We had some great sponsors provide startup terrain for the event. Angry Mojo Games Laser cut us a wide variety of terrain to get a good foundation. 

Desert, city ruins, bunkers, roads and the like. 

 Italians facing off in the Tunisia desert
 The Russian rockets storm the ruins of their once great city.
 Japanese loyalists find themselves storming an airfield
 British 8th army fights to expel the Germans from Africa and into Italy.
  A KV-1 prowls the ruins of a Russian apartment block.
 Some slick banners set up for our 3 rows of tables.
 The Germans advance behind a T-34 wreck. The battle of Kursk is far from over.

 A tiger defends the homeland....
 Hunting a tiger in the jungle is very tricky. You have to be very very quiet...

 DAK forces surround a Japanese squad...
 Defending that Italian wine is the #1 order for these Brits...

 Group shot of the crew
 Table row 1
 Table row 2

 Table row 3

Here is a quick recap of the results from the Las Vegas Open Bolt Action 2017 Tournament. It is ranked in overall score which was a weighted value on each of the side columns. Theme max was x/5, Painting max was x/15. Recap and more photos to follow.

A big shout and thanks to our sponsors, prize support, hosts, and helpers.

Warlord Games and Jay Casper (prizes and support)
Kraken Skulls Consortium (Trophies)
Angry Mojo Games (Terrain)
Trenchworx (prizes)
Frontline (terrain and hosts)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

1943: Battle of Kiev and Operation Sting

 Finished up the diorama for my "Battle of Kiev" Bolt Action German Army. Hoping I can lead it to more victories than what the 4th Panzers faced that November.

 This gem came from a Painting War magazine, top notch sculpt.
 Enemy at the gates inspiration.....

 "Get me those TPS reports!"
 3 man weapon team bases. All are magnetized for kill counting...

 The puppy has +4 penetration in close quarters combat. Also fires a mean russian LMG...
 The German Mario Brothers, just reminds me of those bricks you smash...
 Explosion modeled folks.
 Medium mortar made from a bazooka piece.... one of these days I will buy the actual mortar kit for an army....

 NCO "Badass". Nothing can stop him.
 Dead tank commander... maybe it would have rolled better if they had a live commander....
 Mist cloud....
 German MMGs line up for the Russian inexperienced horde....

 Pretty Bofors ready to go

 Panther 187's 2nd confirmed kill, another French tank...
 Hot tank on tank action. Late Night Operation Sting....
 Awaiting the USMC advance.
BARs and shotguns make mince meat out of even the toughest ambush order.

Not to blame dice....but lets just say those 3 bricks will not ever be leaving that hotel trash can... Time for a new dice order. Panthers don't not kill stuff, bad dice rolling doesn't kill things.... the new German national rules rock and I can't wait for 'Tiger fear" for these big cats. I really want to get these guys out more but I fear the hobby bug has bit and I am again torn in a new direction for a new army.... gonna keep it in the German family though. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Wood Working World

While catching up on my outdated tv knowledge I have been binge watching Parks and Recreation. It has been a little while since I posted progress but here it is. I was channeling my inner Ron Swanson and crushed some laser cut MDF.

This was the shipping box from Angry Mojo Games.They are helping sponsor the Las Vegas Open Bolt Action Event.

50 lbs of laser cut MDF is indeed not a children's product. The kits are from their rubble and ruins, train, bunkers, and Quonset hut line.

Rubble and Ruins
The ground work has been laid for Bolt Action tables in the city of sin!

Meanwhile, back in Kiev...

 This is a XL custom army tray from Mini Duels. The MDF builds into a large rectangle with 2 drawers on either side. It is 3 inches tall and each of the top inserts is 6x12 inches. The inserts lift out so you can swap for whatever army you maybe using. These were custom cut inserts that I submitted to fit my display board layout for the Germans in Kiev.

You can arrange the drawers however you like and I left one rather large for a dice rolling area. Avoiding the figure bowling situation that happens when rolling on the table.

Currently the inserts are based and primed along with the army. November 5th deadline is fast approaching. 

The Daily Puppy