Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Space Boy Scouts

 These Iron Hand Scouts have been practicing their rifle merit badge. These 3 scouts will flesh out the forward party of my Killzone force. Each with a sniper rifle and stealth upgrades for the army list.

 This fellow is out of ammo and needs some assistance, his call of duty dictates that his comrade back hand toss his last magazine to him...

 These chaps will be fighting it out on the ever progressing trenches on Planet X. Up next is flooring grates and sandbag laying. Those white foam dividers are simply bracing the panels so the glue sets up.
 Using only the most advanced tools, we at Studio 57 expertly manipulate our pink foam.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Over the Top!

 Over the top and take that trench! In the 41st millennium's war there is always another planet that needs liberating and defenses broken. Here are some works in progress on a battle weary trench system.
 Current construction has two 24x24 sections that are modular and can be laid out on any side to make a fluid trench system.

Both sections are finished with the second layer of trenches being 2 inches deep and the front sitting at 1 inch; perfect height for a model to peak its head over the top.
 And to keep those pesky heavy movers at a distance, the modified howitzer of the future. This will be sitting in a deep 2 inch trench pit in the first photo in the bottom left hand corner.

 The brave souls to drop planet side and storm these killzones are a couple of the Emperor's Iron Hands.
 Green smoke and the airstrike is a no go,
 Up next is the gritty sniper of the squad complete with his red urban DPM camouflage. Perfect for hiding behind graffiti walls or perhaps the roof top of a skittles factory.