Sunday, November 15, 2015

Adepticon Bolt Action: Webcart LIVE! 11/23/2015

Warlord Games US Nationals (2-day, Singles event) Adepticon 2016

Adepticon March 31-April 3rd, Chicago Illinois USA.

AdeptiCon is proud to announce that it will host Warlord Game’s 2016 Bolt Action U.S. Nationals Event. This two-day tournament will test the skill and luck of every participant in what is bound to be an historic event. Armies will consist of 1250 pts and a maximum of 16 order dice. Pack all the ammo you can carry!

This is a event will celebrate the hard work and efforts of players, communities, and organizers across the country. We look forward to facilitating the best run event, terrain, and environment for Bolt Action players; from all walks of life and experience levels!

Full Draft Rules and Formatting can be found here.

Webcart preview found here. Webcart goes live 11/23/2015

World at War Doubles (team event)

NOTE: When using the webcart, ONLY 1 team member need buy a ticket for this event.

The more casual, fun sister event to the singles. Here is a quick preview of details. FULL draft packet and rules will be posted within the week.

Team Doubles Format: (2) players per team
Army Points: 1600 total, 800 per team member
Order Dice: 16 total, 8 max per team member
Platoon: Single platoon per team member, each player must include an officer. (2 platoons total/army)
Tank Wars armored platoons are limited to (1) per team. No skills, experience, or crew upgrades

If you are unsure about attending due to a teammate, we have a local forum for helping match folks up.