Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yearly Remissions

Bitter Lemon jam, anise, black pepper

 So it has been awhile, seems like that happens every now and again. But it is almost the new year and because I have been on a little siesta from building and painting stuff this is going to be a food edition. 

2014 goals 

Japanese Bolt Action Army
Royal Navy Legends of the High Seas crew
Crossing Fingers RoboTech shows up and does not get delayed until 2015...
and whatever the wind may bring me!
 I consolidated my hobby collection as it had just outgrown it's space. Left is the keepers and right is the sales stuff. Refer to the last post for a list of awesome post holiday gifts ;)
 Exon Mobil: Squid ink risotto, tarragon, calamari
 If you still have thanksgiving leftovers that could be an issue, but there is always; foie gras butter turkey melts to cheer you up...
 A little bit of hobby stuff has been happening, working on my Fall of Singapore Bolt Action army. This will be my AA truck to keep those pesky aeroplanes at bay! Were they drinking Singapore Slings then?
 Mom's oatmeal cookies, the chocolate ones never stood a chance...
Even Italians like french toast, I think. Walnut french toast, butternut squash, huckleberries, and radish