Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Desert Air

Home from Arizona and procrastinating unpacking. So here is a brief summary and photo collage of the weekend.

Finally got some good photos of my army all together for the first time. Here are the Dwelling Dogs with their goblin buddies.

Had some great match-ups all weekend with a majority of objective oriented scenarios instead of simple to the death engagements.

Tons of great terrain mixed with a classic good vs evil match-ups made for some traditional encounters on native terrain for round 1.

Dwarf vs Goblins in Moria for a seize the artifact where you had to exit your opponents board edge with the item. Puppy chow wargs helped secure a defensive line and get the object but loss of priority dragged the game to a dangerous point with only in the dwindling turns, 1 goblin passed his courage checks and got off the board.

 I got the chance to finally play a game on the aging prancing pony against an army of the dead from LA. Anthony was a blast and by far one of the best games of the weekend and in a long time. Goblins proved their worth by running away really fast once broken and the ghosts held onto all three objectives.

Last couple photos before getting caught up in some tense games was against Brent's woses. With the speed of the wargs, they got the randomized objective off in record time. A turn of luck made a fast game but we played out the engagement afterwards for some woses payback on the goblins.

A last ditch attempt did not prove well for the goblin...

With another Gathering in the desert in the books, all guns are pointing towards Adepticon and the great tower.... check back soon for terrain updates.
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