Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yearly Remissions

Bitter Lemon jam, anise, black pepper

 So it has been awhile, seems like that happens every now and again. But it is almost the new year and because I have been on a little siesta from building and painting stuff this is going to be a food edition. 

2014 goals 

Japanese Bolt Action Army
Royal Navy Legends of the High Seas crew
Crossing Fingers RoboTech shows up and does not get delayed until 2015...
and whatever the wind may bring me!
 I consolidated my hobby collection as it had just outgrown it's space. Left is the keepers and right is the sales stuff. Refer to the last post for a list of awesome post holiday gifts ;)
 Exon Mobil: Squid ink risotto, tarragon, calamari
 If you still have thanksgiving leftovers that could be an issue, but there is always; foie gras butter turkey melts to cheer you up...
 A little bit of hobby stuff has been happening, working on my Fall of Singapore Bolt Action army. This will be my AA truck to keep those pesky aeroplanes at bay! Were they drinking Singapore Slings then?
 Mom's oatmeal cookies, the chocolate ones never stood a chance...
Even Italians like french toast, I think. Walnut french toast, butternut squash, huckleberries, and radish

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baggage Train

Well it has happened. I have run out of room. There is just too much stuff around my place and the bad truth is it does not get out into the light of day very often. The good truth is that so awesome stuff is hitting the yard sale chopping block!

While a lot of these items are Lord of the Rings related, don't worry, I am not leaving the game! Just have too many armies than I know what to do with. Rings content will still be here at Chef of War. 

So, begins the shameless plug at selling some stock! let the fire sale begin.

First off is a couple of completed armies, I would like to keep them intact but everything is negotiable.

More photos available upon request. Please direct inquiries to

M = metal model
P= Plastic model

Rohan Army: 550-600 points

This army was designed around the battle at the fords of Isen. It received top painting marks and a best appearance award at a Chicago land tournament of ~30 participants from around the country.

The army was displayed in conjunction with a dunland and uruk force storming the fords. Most of the models have a resin water effect on the bases.

The cavalry was designed and converted from historical and gamesworkshop lines of models. The royal guard are conversions from different rohan heroes and custom cloak sculpting. The outriders are conversions from rangers of gondor with rohan infantry helms to give them the stock model look while also making them stand out.

The diorama display is available for purchase as well as the counter part dunland/uruk army to match them on the display if interested in the complete look.

Theodred on foot: Stock Model M
Kings Archer: Conversion P
Erkenbrand mounted and on foot: conversion M
Eowyn/captain: conversion M

5 rohan royal guard: conversions M
6 outriders: conversions P
10 rohan warriors on foot P
1 banner man M
10 riders of rohan: conversions M/P
4 models for dismounted cavalry: converted from celtic historical and GW models

 Dunland and Isengard alliance: 600(+) points


This is the counter army to the rohan force listed above. It received top paint marks and at a previous national tournament, Adepticon 2009, the dunland models tied for first in best appearance and were part of the winning appearance for the Lord of the rings Team event at Adepticon 2010.

The feral uruk hai have undergone head swaps to attain a Viking berserker look.

Thrydan Wolfsbane: Conversion from Eorl the young on foot M
2 dunland chieftains: weapon and shield additions M
Wild warg chieftain: conversion P

10 Dunland warrior with shield: stock M
5 dunland warrior with two handed weapon: stock M
5 dunland warrior with bow: stock M
3 wildling warriors with shield M
4 feral uruk hai: conversions: M
12 wild wargs: half converted P

Extra dunland models

This army went through a couple variations so there are some models that are not part of the 600 point list above but painted at the same time and likeness.

3 dunland warriors with shield: stock M
3 wildings with two handed weapon: converted with bows on back M


 Fiefdoms Army: 350(+) points

This army, albeit smaller, was made as part of a team event for adepticon 2009 Lord of the Rings event.

Forlong the fat: Cirion the bold model, stock M
Damrod: stock M

11 axemen of lossarnach: stock M
3 axemen of lossarnach: helmet conversions: M
5 axemen of lossarnach: converted to 1 handed axe and custom shield decal M

11 rangers of gondor: stock P

Not built or painted at the same time, there are 4 swan knight conversions and a mounted captain. These were done prior to the infantry being built or painted.

These models were made from plastic knights of gondor kits and head swaps from 2nd age numenor models and shields. Extra green stuff horse barding and capes were sculpted.

4 swan knights of dol amroth: mounted with lance
1 captain of dol amroth or gondor mounted with lance
4 swan knight dismounts
1 captain dismount

Misc Large Models

Witch King on fell beast: Converted to be pounced on the dead rohan models M
GW figure case with custom foam insert available for this model.

Watcher in the Water: custom built and sculpted watcher in the water

1 cave troll: converted weapon and armor additions M

1 metal mordor troll: converted from the catapult troll variation

1 mordor troll: stock, original metal version


WAB historical: Age of Chivalry Teutonic Order 1000 points

11 Teutonic knights
15 order infantry
17 native militia + 3 teutonic order command (unit of 20)
10 crossbow w/pavise

movement trays and fitted foam trays included with the models.

There are also a couple lose unpainted models of each variety as listed above.
Here is a list of some more primed and bare type models. Some are those classic old school metals before finecrap! historic stuff here!

Good: painted

3 metal men of numenor spearmen: painted 
Metal faramir: painted (heroes of helms deep)
Old school armored balin: painted

Evil: painted

3 metal easterling swords: painted
1 metal easterling banner
1 metal easterling capt

15 metal morannon orcs: converted hand weapons: painted


10 moria with shield
20 moria with spear
20 moria with bow
3 metal armored wood elf with sword
3 metal armored wood elf with bow
Gimli: heroes of helms deep

Bare metal or plastic

6 rangers of gondor: clipped off sprue, bare plastic
1 gandalf the white: heroes of helms deep, bare metal
Metal balrog with plastic wings: new in box.

End sales pitch. Thanks for checking it out! Back to regularly scheduled programming.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bilbo's Birthday Bash Results and Coverage

Well I can finally wrap up the Bilbo's Birthday event, FUBAD, and the entire month of November as apparently next week is Thanksgiving....

A big thanks to Brent and Chris for running this event and making a great venue happen with a great core group of players.

A little recap before the photo bombs.

FUBAD pulled through and I was lucky enough to be rewarded with Best Conversion on the aforementioned Shade model and Best Diorama in the painting contest. The judging was a little off the wall in that you selected a model for the standard painting categories but it could be part of your armies in use.

The overall battle for Dol Guldur was awarded "Best of Middle Earth" award. A new award this year and to most US events, but it qualifies for having the best total image, design, and painting. Where as the appearance award was for the hard core paint scoring alone.

It is bittersweet having finished such a huge project but that chapter is now closed. Photo bombs away. The first grouping is a couple of my games and then some general event photos.

 Game 1 was a securing 4 objectives and a central hill game. I faced off against a long time player from Colorado. The first of many flying wraiths.
 I got a couple lucky hits on the troll then just jumped into combat as that is more my style.
 Things were pretty bloody with most fighting occurring on the central hill and the witch-king and Elrond squaring off for most of the game. I have never won so many fights but failed to wound before....
 The game ended in a draw with a dead tie for models on/touching the hill. Elrond, Lindir, and the witch-king just kept slap boxing until the end.
 The 2nd game was the same scenario (you play once with your good army and once with evil). I played against a fiefdoms list from a long standing local and core mid west rings player.

My orc strategy was pretty easy, get into combat as fast as possible. Had a ranger wall trying to stop that. The "hill" on this beautiful goblin town board was the central square platform.

 Some bad dice by my opponent led to a quick death of Imrahil and his knights which allowed me to sweep the flank towards the center. This led to a stalwart defense down to the last fiefdoms warrior but failing to wound he kept me off the platform and secured a minor win.
 Even Gollum showed up...
 Pushing into a later game, saw the Knights going against another witch-king and the dwimmerlaik wraith. He was pretty much a nasty guy when trying to get any of my spells or heroics off.
 In this game you had to get more models off the board than your opponent and secure 4 buried treasures. The board was tough for my cavalry and they lost the recon objective but morally I got to kill both the wraith and Witch-king so I will take that where I can....
 The last game of the event was a straight melee in that you got points for every causality your army caused. The Knights squared off against a Minas Morgul force again led by a witch-king from Colorado. He was undefeated thus far and I was the last man standing from stopping the Miami Dolphins! 

This photo sums up the whole battle. We got stuck on the hill and if not for an unlucky miscast by his shaman, my elves eventually put the heat on the orcs and caused more fatalities. The Bears defense held. My opponent went onto secure "Best General" for the event.

He has got a youtube channel highlighting a campaign they are running in CO as well as event coverage from this event.

 Meanwhile back on the wall. The FUBAD creator and my friends battle for the wall featuring the Starks, nights watch, and the wildlings.
 Great looking warrior of arnor conversions and custom shields.

 Awesome snow effects were on the ground here; a great product made by Secret Weapon.
 Ghost had his own smoke generator and LED lights from, of course, our favorite light provider,
Whew, if you made it this far more power to you. Thanks for checking it out .

Come back soon if you are interested in buying some painted armies, models, or unpainted figures from the older GW Rings line. Need to clear out some space before buying new stuff.... funny how that works.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dol Guldur: Model Close-ups

 As promised I have some more detailed and less busy shots of some of the Dol Guldur models.

Really Happy I finally figured out a good light booth system for taking pictures. Only took like 7 years of bad photographs to get there.

This pretty much seemed like a must make Predator reference....

 Classic Braveheart fellow.
 This was my conversion for the Bolg character. While he has not appeared in the movies as of yet, hopefully this book baddie will make an appearance soon.

 It is nice to use old model inventory for a good cause. Barrow wights are very easy to use in the spooky department.

 The rest of the orcs were variations of all the present skin tones, cloth, and armor varieties. I really like these orcs and recommend them for anyone on the fence. I am sure they fit in with any fantasy game image as well.

And we have not even gotten to the event coverage yet!