Friday, June 27, 2014

Horse, Paper, Bear, Lizard, Spock

Man has it been a while. Since starting a new job a; finishing new projects has not been high on the check list, but I assure you gears have been put in motion.

With summer time goals a plenty I can at least share that with you!

Pulling the trigger on my new Bolt Action army, (bad pun) will see the Eastern Front Italians. Built around the Savoia Cavalry division that had a couple historic charges in the age of machine guns. While protecting the retreat of the Italian 8th army, they were ordered to defend a hill near the river Don. In the night, while on patrol, they discovered the 812th siberian Russian infantry had gotten to the hill first. With little time to prepare a defense, a saber charge was ordered. Supported by dismounted machine gun teams the cavalry used a gorge to shield the charge and broke the siberian infantry with sabers, pistols, and hand grenades.

The force will consist of a couple cavalry squads, a light tank, and some infantry. All part of the unsuccessful reorganizing of the Italian Army into fast attack divisions at the onset of the war.

Having spent ages looking for 28mm italian cavalry, I simply decided to make my own. The army will be mostly Perry Brothers miniatures and the cavalry will be made using they're French Napoleonic dragoons as the horse and lower half; while using warlords US infantry upper bodies. I have seen russian cavalry conversions but the US uniform matches the collars and shirts of the Italians better.

Company B has got some amazing vehicles and kits for much of the 1900s and onward. I encourage checking them out. They offer a lot of odd and ends kits that the main stream Warlord do not make. How can you say no to this....

Picked up my first Malifaux figure as well today. The first of a some nightmarish creatures I look forward to painting up. Completely different line of figures than I am used to and some cool chances to embrace some darker conversions.... Also only takes a couple of models to get down and play a game. Something sometimes lacking with a sorts of big projects planned long term.

While looking into new terrain that is fast to build, I came across David Graffam's PDF terrain. I have seen some photos of Bolt Action models next to them and they look great. Not mixing 2d and 3d is key for the desired effect. Anyone have experience with building PDF printed buildings? Or paper terrain? Eying the sloped street tile set. Mt Cassino still town could be the concept.