Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Default End of Year Post!

While sitting on top of my high tower, I figured I would make an end of year post. Up until this point our Tale of Four Gamers had been on track, at least for my army, but the holidays side tracked and hopes of finishing a December Commitment. So stay tuned for a January installment!
 The place that is not a winter wonderland, Arizona, where Gathering in the desert will be taking place this 2012. Most of what I am bringing is finished, but I feel that January will slink by just like December...
 Old lucky fish here still has some Christmas wishes. The oldest fish at the Shedd Aquarium hopes for more Lord of the Rings slots at Adepticon and all of my projects finish in time of events.

Captain Bare Metal here is also hoping for paint so they can play in Legends of the High Seas.
And last but not least, with my first 40k squad of models built, I get to see how good my black highlighting skills are when I paint up my Iron Hands marines. To go with this project our gaming group has a ton of terrain projects tied in including shield generators, landing pads, smoke explosion markers; all decked out with LEDs and tea lights.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dogs of War leading Santa's New Sleigh

With 2011 almost at a close, Santa approached the Iron Hands Space Marine Chapter with a his own Christmas letter. He wanted a new sleigh for speedier deliveries, better miles per gallon, fire and forget air to ground rocket pods, twin linked lascannons, and state of the art sensor arrays.

So without further ado, the 2011 Iron Hands Christmas Rhino, guaranteed to deliver presents and enough fire power to obliterate half the North Pole.

 This rocket will be added after painting and smoke trails will be simulated with cotton balls leading back to the pod.
 Adepticon will be here before we know it! With the release of the new Hobbit movie trailer and the completion of my space marine Rhino, I can turn my attention back to Lord of the Rings terrain for the tournament and finishing my Tale of four Gamers and my 17 wild wargs for the rest of my goblin army.

This is the extent of progress on my dog conversions. Almost there...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Last Action heroes

Here it is at last, some great action heroes of our time. Now while not all of our favorite characters made the cut, enough parts and pieces have been added for tips of the hat. Here is the 10 man Iron Hand Celebrity Squad ready to spew cliche quotes....

At the bottom of each photo the movie or character of inspiration will be listed. Some were just winged.

1. The Sergeant

2. The Fuzz: "Ever fired your gun in the air and yelled, 'Aaaaaaah"

 Hot Fuzz starring Simon Pegg.

4. Mark I: Heavy Flamer
 Resin fire effects will be added to the flamers
 Ghost busters and Iron Man

4. LT
 Band of Brothers Lt. Speirs when Easy Company assaults a town near the Ardennes.

5. Rhodey: Missile launcher Marine

 Iron Man 2/Warmachine comics

6. Goodspeed: Welcome to the rock
 The Rock

7. Wheels

 Reaver Character from original Xmen tv series

8. Slave I

 Star Wars Duh!

9. No catching name but this one is kinda the explosives operator

10. T-600: Get to the Chopper!

Terminator mixed with Jesse Ventura from The Predator
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