Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adepticon Team Tournament Coverage

Lights, camera, action! Peter Jackson is trying to get the actors lined up for their final shots...
My team tournament partner and I chose to go with a less conventional team force. We split the force into Frodo, Aragorn, and Boromir; Elrond, Legolas, and Gimli in the 2nd 350 point list. We then added in Elrond and the other 3 hobbits for a combined 1000 point army.
Weta workshop will be adding in the CGI over the green screen later.

The Gondorian princes face off against some morgul knights and an early appearance by a maxed out witch king.... the men survived but Legolas, gimli, and Gandalf faced brutal deaths from Khamul.
Round 2 saw Ursuper swan knights trying to force the Gondor succession to the South.
Boromir ate his spinach this morning....
This game started well with Gandalf's blast dehorsing a handful of knights and legolas sniping horses and riders as they advanced.
We put the ring on Frodo just for the sake of actually using it and ended up losing the roll off, the swan knights moved him off Legolas's platform, took the ring off and got some axes in the face.
Eomer lost his horse to Legolas and he looked to be on his last legs with Aragorn charging him.

The tide was turned when Aragorn rolled three 1s and lost the 2nd fight to Eomer and a rider, who then smash his face. The end of the game saw the men and hobbit dead with the wizard, dwarf, and elf on their backs.

The last game with the fellowship saw them facing off against corsairs and morgul knights. Gimli and Elrond entered play as reinforcements. This contest of champions had Gandalf facing off against a troll chieftain who fell to Aragorn and Boromir's blades.
Next time the fellowship can face off against some mumaks....

Monday, April 23, 2012

Adepticon Recap: Part 1

The 10th anniversary of Adepticon has come and pass and another great event is in the books. We had a great turnout for both of our Rings events. 

The Lord of the Rings community continues to be the most understanding, fun loving, and drama free group I would say of any convention, too many ties in sportsmanship scores! 

With the release of GW's new warband army building system so close to Adepticon we allowed both formats for both events. Match-up issues were not a problem between old and new versions, and the lack of a Legions clear cut allied list did not leave us with odd army types or cheesy formulas. 

Here is the first of a couple photo coverages on the event. 

Best Overall: John Humphrey
Best General: Julian Micu
Best Appearance: Kyle Toth
Best Sportsmanship: Jamie Welling
Best Overall... Bazinga: Jeff Reske