Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goblins Riding the Yellow Submarine

 And then there were two. Our numbers have dropped to 2 participating painters for this monthly installment, just have to keep on pushing. Theses goblins flesh out the last of my remaining goblins for this force, with only the beasts remaining now.
 The head swap shaman is my stand in Druzhag.
 These goblins were the bottom of the barrel in that I was bone dry on conversion ideas, so thankfully they are the last group.

 The goblins of Camelot. These spearmen donned their French infantry caps in there quest to hold the holy grail.

This goblin I think is my favorite. There are a lot of cool ones, but I like the simplicity of this and the final look. I tried a lot of bad Frankenstein body mash ups between dwarfs and goblins and only a couple worked out; this guy and little red riding hood seen above. 

That brings the total up to


Cave Drake
10 Goblins with spear and bow
4 goblins with spear
2 goblins with shield and spear
20 goblins with Shield

I will leave you with these if case you had pumpkin pie disasters at thanksgiving. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Underground Treasures

 The newly forming goblin hordes decided to take a break from beating dwarves and dug up some truffles for their fine dining restaurant, Mont Moria, located on a peak with a great view of the surrounding forests.

If kitchen rumors can be true, Spiaggia is the #1 importer of white truffles in the US, at $80-90/gram this is a pile of gold!

 This is not all the new goblins, but some of the more interesting ones. Just a head swap for my Druhzag model.
 Was trying to merge dwarf parts with goblins but their physical sizes do not line up, so Captain Khazad and his Monty Python spear support are here to stay.

 Home made GW prowler look alike.

Friday, November 11, 2011

In the Future, there are only Marines.

With the local Bilbo's Birthday Bash tournament settled, it is time for a break from lord of the rings models for the immediate future. To replace those projects are the super soldiers of the future, Space Marines.

Just working on 1 squad plus a rhino conversion as this is for GW's "movie marine" white dwarf rule set. Looking in from the outside to the world of 40k, building space marines are cake to a fat kid.

My chapter for this project is the Iron Hands and here are a couple of the marines.

 This center guy could be called over the top, I may have gone crazy with the options and left over bits but in the end I think it fits with the Iron Hands trying to be as mechanical as possible and be a brain + metal parts. I also really wanted to use terminator parts....

 The flamer is missing a cable setup from the back pack to the wrist flamers but pretty happy with the outcome.

Merely a test build, nothing special, but a regular model was needed next to the mechanical monger above.

Having a lot of fun building these models and feeling pretty jealous over the amount of bitz these sprues come with....


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Tale of Four Gamers: Half Way Edit

With the coming and going of Bilbo's Birthday Bash I am looking to change my allotted 600 point army for our painting competition. I prefer to make and build stuff that has not really been in the spot light a lot and I just feel bored if I took 20 goblins with spear, 20 with shield, and then 20 prowlers. So without further ado, here is the revised Tale of Four Gamers Goblin army.

Cave Drake
16 Goblins with spear
20 goblins with Shield
10 goblins with bow
1 bat swarm
12 wild wargs

November's model build and paint is going to be 

6 goblin spearmen
9 goblin shields
4 goblin bows
1 batswarm

Like always look for updates on this matter at the end of the month.

Bilbo Birthday Bash Coverage

The Birthday has come and gone and what a weekend it was. Lot of great terrain, people, games, bad dice. etc.

The largest pre registered LOTR SBG event was smoothly run and attended with no major issues and lots of great times.

The Chicago Battle Bunker was a great host and we had some walk ups show interest during the event.
Here is a photo tour of some of my games and the event. This weekend can be summed up by saying it was a grudge match rematch matchings.Not gonna toot my horn, but it was a pretty tough schedule with myself and all of my opponents finishing in the top ten. (Maybe not this time John, but your track record puts your average in the top 10.)

1: Kyle Toth: Practice game rematch
2. Chris Thomas: practice game rematch
3. John Petrelli: Gathering in the desert rematch
4. Tim Hixon: Gathering in the desert rematch
5. Dennis Chitko: new opponent

Round 1: Kyle Toth and his Mahud: Draw result in a 5 objective domination scenario. Each of those small markers had to be controlled by a majority of your army.

Round 2: Chris Thomas's Corsairs led by Captain Morgan: Major Victory, contest of champions

Round 3: John Petrelli' Dwarf Rangers: Major Victory in Storm the Camp.

Round 4: Tim Hixon's Golden King Merchant guard: Minor Loss trying to control 3 artifacts. Tim and mine track records date back many years with our clashes revolving mainly around harad armies.

Round 5: Dennis Chitko;s Gonodrians in a kill them all "meeting engagement" This game went sour when I lost a heroic move roll off and lost a flank to boromir when Suladan was trying to sneak by with a crushing flank force that would have sealed a major victory.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spooky Finish

I am sad to admit I have fallen like my fellow four gamers. I did not finish my quota for the month of October on time. Unfortunately I missed the deadline by close to an hour.

That being cleared up! Here is the cave drake beast.

Here was the color scheme inspiration, little gecko dude.

Anyway, that is it, not much to talk about, this guy is going to be in the painting competition for Bilbo's Birthday Bash this weekend as well as bringing my goblin army up to a running total of 300 points. Can start scheduling some games now, and smashing dwarves.
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