Friday, November 18, 2011

Underground Treasures

 The newly forming goblin hordes decided to take a break from beating dwarves and dug up some truffles for their fine dining restaurant, Mont Moria, located on a peak with a great view of the surrounding forests.

If kitchen rumors can be true, Spiaggia is the #1 importer of white truffles in the US, at $80-90/gram this is a pile of gold!

 This is not all the new goblins, but some of the more interesting ones. Just a head swap for my Druhzag model.
 Was trying to merge dwarf parts with goblins but their physical sizes do not line up, so Captain Khazad and his Monty Python spear support are here to stay.

 Home made GW prowler look alike.

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm truffles. When I was at school in Siena I went out for a final meal kinda thing before leaving. We hit a restaurant that had dug up some truffles special for the group. Mmmm truffles.

    *Jeremy, put them in your pockets and just walk away*

    Oh, nice goblins too.