Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bilbo Birthday Bash Coverage

The Birthday has come and gone and what a weekend it was. Lot of great terrain, people, games, bad dice. etc.

The largest pre registered LOTR SBG event was smoothly run and attended with no major issues and lots of great times.

The Chicago Battle Bunker was a great host and we had some walk ups show interest during the event.
Here is a photo tour of some of my games and the event. This weekend can be summed up by saying it was a grudge match rematch matchings.Not gonna toot my horn, but it was a pretty tough schedule with myself and all of my opponents finishing in the top ten. (Maybe not this time John, but your track record puts your average in the top 10.)

1: Kyle Toth: Practice game rematch
2. Chris Thomas: practice game rematch
3. John Petrelli: Gathering in the desert rematch
4. Tim Hixon: Gathering in the desert rematch
5. Dennis Chitko: new opponent

Round 1: Kyle Toth and his Mahud: Draw result in a 5 objective domination scenario. Each of those small markers had to be controlled by a majority of your army.

Round 2: Chris Thomas's Corsairs led by Captain Morgan: Major Victory, contest of champions

Round 3: John Petrelli' Dwarf Rangers: Major Victory in Storm the Camp.

Round 4: Tim Hixon's Golden King Merchant guard: Minor Loss trying to control 3 artifacts. Tim and mine track records date back many years with our clashes revolving mainly around harad armies.

Round 5: Dennis Chitko;s Gonodrians in a kill them all "meeting engagement" This game went sour when I lost a heroic move roll off and lost a flank to boromir when Suladan was trying to sneak by with a crushing flank force that would have sealed a major victory.

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