Monday, December 8, 2014

Priority Phases

Sometimes you just need a refreshing keg while you are breaking down a cow...
 Gets the job done. 

A lot has transpired in the last couple weeks; mainly food related stuff being Thanksgiving and all. Establishing priorities in life is what we do on a daily basis. Do I need to leave at a certain time? Complete a task? But sometimes you need set your taste priorities right. 

Tis the season for dry aged rib-eye. Top shelf Wagyu has arrived and will be nice and aged in time for a Christmas roast.

Add squash, sweet potato, or parsnip to your sweets; like this apple crisp with delicata squash. This sounds totally like a food network tip....

Or if pork is more your game. Lazyman's suckling pig: de-boned, confit, and whole roasted.

So if you are in the business of trying out new whiskeys, stay away from this brand on the right. Koval: very over priced and must be mixed to be bearable. A local Chicago distillery that just hasn't figured it out.

That being said, I had to find a use for this bottle. It started with the French 75. A classic cocktail named for it's ability to get you hammered. It was named after the French 75 howitzer that inspired hammering effects, just like the 6th or 8th one of these. The 75 has two variations of either gin or cognac, lemon peel, simple syrup and champagne.

I made a variation dubbed: "The American 105" Whiskey, lemon simple syrup, and prosecco. Basically stuff I had in the fridge. It will get you just as hammered. Success.

On that note, we travel to the shores of France.... where the Allies did they're own artillery assaults during the D-Day invasions. 

 This is a little tease as we call it in the industry. The completed 6x4 Bolt Action Normandy beach and trenches. This is one of a couple fine detailed boards that will be making a debut at the Chicago 2015 Adepticon convention.
A little blurry... maybe the camerman had 1 too many American 105s.... or it is the fog of war.
Check back for more progress on this Normandy table, Pegasus Bridge table, and a very unique moon base table for Palladium games Robotech event.