Sunday, July 24, 2016

Batte of Kiev: Uncut

The first of my battle of Kiev diorama is going live! All the models are based and ready for paint! This is one image that really inspired this display piece. I also have just really wanted to do a German force since the beginning but never got around to it. Since making some battle of the bulge snow covered shermans, this cemented my terrain season for the force.

 The Bolt Action list rests in the eastern front because of the first introduction of the Panther tank. The rules are cool because for a reduced point cost, there is a fun theme of the tank potentially breaking down each time you move it.
 I also really wanted to make this piece be a giant action scene. Who remembers the Halo 3 ad campaign? This building has the debris explosions added. It is simulating an artillery round coming from above. Inside will be my very own ARC reactor....

I Tony Starked it and cut up some of these tap lights. They will be inside the building shining bright to simulate the exact moment the round explodes. Total Hollywood.

This thing rocked. I wanted to translate that to a World War 2 setting. Just absolute chaos with mini scenes unfolding all around. Each time you look at it you see something new.

 The models have a lot of Hollywood poses and each model is caught in its own heroic movie moment. This is a raw version. 75% of the special effects and fine details cannot be added until after painting. This half track has a T34 armor piercing round flying through it on its way to hit the panther....
 There are around 40 magnets all over this piece each allowing different models to be moved to bases for game play, special effects to be removed or attached. Blood splatters, snow clouds from shock waves, exploding bricks, ricocheting bullets, mid-air tank rounds, mortar muzzle flash are all in store.

The tank top comes off and inside is a PoweredPlay LED board. It is set to flicker to simulate sparking wires in the engine.