Monday, August 4, 2014

Crimson Doom

“The thrill of a thousand worlds dying at once, but my ultimate goal lies beyond the downfall... Bow before the Crimson King! Bow… or die!”

Continuing down the rabbit hole, we have Malifaux's master of puppets, Collodi. First off this guy comes off as a character from the streets of Venice; but going deeper he inspires the arch villain from Stephen King's The Dark Tower saga. 

 The overall basing was very ad-lib and the whole crew has got an orange dusted, white stone ruin. Part of the desert terrain found in the pages on the aforementioned book series.
 The Crimson King is intent on reaping the benefits of a decaying world.
 Part of the King's henchmen are his green "doombots". Not to give away too much of the story, but the fantasy world crosses over into modern reality. In which, the henchmen were designed on what were thought as powerful creatures from the other world's culture.

 In the book, the robot warriors were wolves in green hoods armed with golden snitch hand grenades and laser swords. One of the crazy cross overs involved in the decaying world of the The Dark Tower.
 While still reading the rules, painting progress continues!
I really like how the green turned out, got some new colors in the works to move away from my comfort zone of the red spectrum.