Monday, October 19, 2015

Duel in the Desert: Dare to Win!

The sign of the scorpion was their mark. Ramsey's Raiders would not be stopped.

This would be their most dangerous mission yet. The Nazi submarine, U387, was spotted at a hidden sub pen in North Africa.

 Local regiments of Vichy French were guarding the sub, but Foreign Legion resistance helped aid the commandos in sneaking aboard the submarine.

Mission Successful! But what they found aboard the submarine was just the beginning. 

 The Raiders escape the sub pen's French defenders and return to HQ.
 Commander Cornelius gathers new intel on a German spy meeting. 
 The recon teams report the German air convoy will be landing at a remote airfield deep in the mountains.
The Raiders are on the case!

 Their trusty truck inspects the town leading to the airport. German defenses are spotted.

Vickers gun teams take position ready for the ambush. German armor has spotted the raiders.
 The tank is lured out by the quick armored truck. The raiders react quickly and move anti-tank rifles into position. Waiting for the perfect shot....

The tank makes a sudden turn and they must act quickly to seal the trap. Driving their 2 pdr portee into the devils teeth, a point blank shot is their only hope... 

 With the clock ticking, the rest of the raiders blitz through the German defenders and make for the airstrip. Unsure if anyone will make it out alive, they press on!

The planes have landed, but the airfield seems oddly quiet. Too quiet... The raiders desperately infiltrate the secure bunker.

 They find some blue prints for a prototype tank.... and a Russian spy!
 The vichy French have sounded the alarm, and the Raiders make a daring escape....
They must get those plans into allied hands.... or who knows what super weapons they may face in the future...