Sunday, September 4, 2016

Wood Working World

While catching up on my outdated tv knowledge I have been binge watching Parks and Recreation. It has been a little while since I posted progress but here it is. I was channeling my inner Ron Swanson and crushed some laser cut MDF.

This was the shipping box from Angry Mojo Games.They are helping sponsor the Las Vegas Open Bolt Action Event.

50 lbs of laser cut MDF is indeed not a children's product. The kits are from their rubble and ruins, train, bunkers, and Quonset hut line.

Rubble and Ruins
The ground work has been laid for Bolt Action tables in the city of sin!

Meanwhile, back in Kiev...

 This is a XL custom army tray from Mini Duels. The MDF builds into a large rectangle with 2 drawers on either side. It is 3 inches tall and each of the top inserts is 6x12 inches. The inserts lift out so you can swap for whatever army you maybe using. These were custom cut inserts that I submitted to fit my display board layout for the Germans in Kiev.

You can arrange the drawers however you like and I left one rather large for a dice rolling area. Avoiding the figure bowling situation that happens when rolling on the table.

Currently the inserts are based and primed along with the army. November 5th deadline is fast approaching.