Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Winter Wars

 That is not the snow. Or winter. Or Ice..... Just finished up two Auto Sahariana with 20mm Breda. These guys form up my Royal Italian Anti-Aircraft Division! If the Italians can't do much, at least they can shoot down those pesky airplanes!
 A little kit bashing with Company B's Breda and Warlord's truck.
 For those single platoon situations, one of the 20mm cannons is magnetized and detaches for the ground deployed version. 
 Ah, here are those snow flakes. Added some wrecks and and trenches for our Ardennes table! Got some wrecked shermans, grey hound, and a crashed p-51.
 Got some great results with just elmers glue and woodlands scenics snow flock. mixed about 1:1for a slush effect.