Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lego My Eggo

4Ground terrain shipment arrived and it took me right back to the time of building legos. It was such a crazy feeling to be building wargames terrain and not having to take it to the next step of painting afterwards. Quite a relief to be honest.

Once you the hang of the instructions the kits build quite quickly but they go take some time getting used to.

So I popped on Patton and The Longest Day and got to work gluing...

 That escalated quickly...

The Adepticon build has gotten back on track. Even had the exact amount of ballast to seal this baby...

February 1st is the final edits to rule packets for Adepticon so things are getting close. I have something really special planned for all those in attendance at the doubles event. 

My great Uncle was part of an observation crew that mapped enemy positions from the air. He was involved in the end of the Africa invasion and primarily flew missions in Italy. His family saved all the big headlines from the Chicago Tribune back in the day. 

I framed the big names ones, 1939 German attacks, French blitzkrieg, Pearl Harbor, liberating Rome, and D-Day. Complete with maps and all the speculation of the day.

We will also be tracking all the results of the days battles on a world map. Seeing how people change history fighting in some of the most famous battles of the time. Normandy, Pegasus Bridge, Stalingrad, Foy, Caen, Berlin, Tunisia. 

On the space front, the United Defense Force has discovered a secret Zentraedi asteroid base.

Really happy with this table. Last minute touches will be mounted it about 6 inches taller on PVC pipe stands. Get that floating look.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Pink Party

 Terrain update here. Been firing on all cylinders. Have two 4x6 tables on the work bench. The first is a Pegasus Bridge table for Warlord Games Bolt Action. It will be the best terrain event at Adepticon 2015, so make sure to stop by and check it out!

 Ground has been cut and since this photo, the river has been cut. Waiting on a 4Ground bridge to arrive to make sure measurements are accurate... but this is gonna be an epic table.

 The 2nd table is one for Palladium Games Robotech. The first ever event for this game system that was birthed from the mega successful kickstarter. The rules are great and streamlined for quick access but have a bunch of layers to them for advanced tactics and micromanaging an army.

The beginnings of Asteroid M. If you get the reference you get bonus points.
 The foam was flying hot and heavy on this one.... The pieces are about 6-7 inches thick and each 2x2 will be mounted with its section mate so the board will be in three 2x4 sections. THEN it will have PVC pegs that it will sit upon to give it the floating illusion.

Let me warn the general public, blow torching this much foam was kinda could still use a lot more, but short of making a  flame thrower it won't get to that level. In the end the onyx stone look I think was achieved. I believe height is the future in terrain building and these caves, tunnels, and ledges are just scratching the surface of scenery construction!

Cannot wait for first quarter 2015!