Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tests, Big Guns, and Wrecks

 Wow it has been a while! but I am very excited to be back with my first movie marine test paint. Trying out painting camo to offset these Iron Hands paint scheme.
 While this is the first test marine, I have not decided on base schemes yet. Going with the urban camo pattern I think moving with an urban rumble look is the best choice.
 Along with the red, I am going with black and yellow warning paint to break up the models look.

 After much looking and not finding Imperial Guard players wishing to part with their basilisks on the cheap, a nice substitute came in the mail. A 1/35 scale WWII Long Tom will be featured on our 40k trench table.

 Along side the long tom will be a wrecked old school 40k tank out in "no-mans" land. I had some spare time with a blow torch, kitchen steal, and pliers.
Anyway, this should kick off a lot more frequent updates with completing some marine squads and then moving forward with a new lord of the rings army.