Sunday, May 20, 2012

Inked Out

With Theon Greyjoys sudden but inevitable betrayal I celebrate Game of Thrones Episode 8 with something I doubt they ate on the Iron Shore.

We have a squid ink lasagnetta! Made in a classy muffin tin. Space Marines will be hopping walls to get their hands on these.  

 This tactical marine doing hurtles just to get in line. Part 2 of the future Kill Zone squad adds in a techmarine to keep those gears turning when you need them.
 Even the Iron Father/Tech Marine won't wait to cut into this blackened pasta treat.
 Just as a battlefield mechanic should be built, this marine has parts ranging from a dread knight to the 2012 Adepticon give away mini.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


 Getting this 40k kick in full motion with a bunch of terrain painting down in the suburbs.
 A ton of small barriers and random bits to flesh out any board.
 We started cleaning some of the bigger terrain, other pieces include the land pad from GW and some homemade hangers to complete an airbase type board.
 Some internet research started our plans for making a couple 2 foot by 2 foot trench sections you could lay down on any surface to mesh with the static terrain.
 Built two terminators for my ever expanding Iron Hands army, these guys are going to be the back bone for our upcoming Special Operations Killzone games.
Biggie and Smalls will be the front runners for the force. Smalls shoots his gun sideways...
 Biggie will be the assault terminator with Smalls a regular terminator. The metal planking will somehow find its way into their bases.

Next kill zone squad members are going to be two scout marines.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dreadnaught Dundee

That's not a dreadnaught.
THAT's a Dreadnaught!

I picked up a Nemesis dreadnaught to add to the growing Iron Hands marine force I am building. Here is the beast at large. 

 I added in some miscellaneous old bits from childhood toys and then mashed up a landspeeder to go with it.

Up next will be some terminators to go with a Kill Zone squad in the works. Multiple terrain boards are in the works for these games including an airbase, fallout shield generator, and some sort of PVC sewer system for both our movie marine games and kill zone small scale encounters.