Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Las Vegas Open 2017 Bolt Action Results and Recap

 While the NY skyline was outside, inside was some great bolt action! The Las Vegas Open 2017 hosted their first Bolt Event. We had 22 players arrive with 11 tables. We had some great sponsors provide startup terrain for the event. Angry Mojo Games Laser cut us a wide variety of terrain to get a good foundation. 

Desert, city ruins, bunkers, roads and the like. 

 Italians facing off in the Tunisia desert
 The Russian rockets storm the ruins of their once great city.
 Japanese loyalists find themselves storming an airfield
 British 8th army fights to expel the Germans from Africa and into Italy.
  A KV-1 prowls the ruins of a Russian apartment block.
 Some slick banners set up for our 3 rows of tables.
 The Germans advance behind a T-34 wreck. The battle of Kursk is far from over.

 A tiger defends the homeland....
 Hunting a tiger in the jungle is very tricky. You have to be very very quiet...

 DAK forces surround a Japanese squad...
 Defending that Italian wine is the #1 order for these Brits...

 Group shot of the crew
 Table row 1
 Table row 2

 Table row 3

Here is a quick recap of the results from the Las Vegas Open Bolt Action 2017 Tournament. It is ranked in overall score which was a weighted value on each of the side columns. Theme max was x/5, Painting max was x/15. Recap and more photos to follow.

A big shout and thanks to our sponsors, prize support, hosts, and helpers.

Warlord Games and Jay Casper (prizes and support)
Kraken Skulls Consortium (Trophies)
Angry Mojo Games (Terrain)
Trenchworx (prizes)
Frontline (terrain and hosts)