Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Las Vegas Open 2017 Bolt Action Results and Recap

 While the NY skyline was outside, inside was some great bolt action! The Las Vegas Open 2017 hosted their first Bolt Event. We had 22 players arrive with 11 tables. We had some great sponsors provide startup terrain for the event. Angry Mojo Games Laser cut us a wide variety of terrain to get a good foundation. 

Desert, city ruins, bunkers, roads and the like. 

 Italians facing off in the Tunisia desert
 The Russian rockets storm the ruins of their once great city.
 Japanese loyalists find themselves storming an airfield
 British 8th army fights to expel the Germans from Africa and into Italy.
  A KV-1 prowls the ruins of a Russian apartment block.
 Some slick banners set up for our 3 rows of tables.
 The Germans advance behind a T-34 wreck. The battle of Kursk is far from over.

 A tiger defends the homeland....
 Hunting a tiger in the jungle is very tricky. You have to be very very quiet...

 DAK forces surround a Japanese squad...
 Defending that Italian wine is the #1 order for these Brits...

 Group shot of the crew
 Table row 1
 Table row 2

 Table row 3

Here is a quick recap of the results from the Las Vegas Open Bolt Action 2017 Tournament. It is ranked in overall score which was a weighted value on each of the side columns. Theme max was x/5, Painting max was x/15. Recap and more photos to follow.

A big shout and thanks to our sponsors, prize support, hosts, and helpers.

Warlord Games and Jay Casper (prizes and support)
Kraken Skulls Consortium (Trophies)
Angry Mojo Games (Terrain)
Trenchworx (prizes)
Frontline (terrain and hosts)


  1. Thank you Jeremy for running a well organized event! I had a blast! I got to play guys From Arizona New Mexico, Florida, Canada, and Oklahoma! That's awesome!

    The mission packs were slick and easy to understand and the schedule was always on time.

    One of the greatest moments in any tourney happened the prize for best sports got first pick at the prize table lots of great stuff there like a 1000pt starter army and the gentleman picks a order dice pack heart of gold on that guy to bad I didn't get to play him what an awesome thing to do.

    I do however have some constructive criticism.
    1. Mission pack was not released prior to the event. I know some people like to keep this information a secret but I find it's much better to know what you are doing prior to the event. Also one of the mission required extra tokens to play it would have been nice to know that so I could have been more prepared.

    2. Mission Selection, I think if you'er honest we all know there are a lot of bad missions in Bolt Action. point Defense is one of them everyone that chose to defend won point defense it's a bad mission and shouldn't be included in a tourney in my mind.

    The sectors mission was tweaked removing the 12" bubble in the center of the table that you can't deploy on. I was playing against a guy that had 120 IJA spear men in his list. I could never win vs that list on that mission If I played 100 times.

    No kill points missions so we saw a few 20+ order dice lists if the missions were released and they knew that they had a kill point mission maybe we see a more balanced lists.

    3. Composition list submission, We had to submit lists before the event and were given points for theme paint display but the two guys that won Best Axis/Best Allied got a zero and 1 for list balance but still won the event. Also after the event we were handed the scoring rubric for the soft scores and we were unaware that you could get points for having written something about your force if you did post this then disregard my comment.

    4. Sports scoring I am not a fan of player sports scoring you never get accurate results doing this I am not sure what the answer is here but maybe ranking best games to worst I struggle with sports scoring in the hands of players. I know many people will feel differently on this.

    Thank you again I had fun and I am so glad that you ran this event at the LVO it's the only way I would ever be able to go to a big wargaming convention.

  2. Thanks for the words! I am glad you had a good time. That was also my favorite moment with the best sports.

    These days, when I run tournaments I never release missions or rubrics. For old game systems I have run once a rubric is released it turns into people just checking off boxes to max out soft scores for the sake of doing it. I believe soft scores should be fought for and earned just as battle points. So I just recommend people do there best and see where it matches up. It is also meant to reward the folks that do go that extra mile. Maybe it was the company their grandfather server in, or they read a book on that one battle etc.

    I agree with you on the balance result of the worst lists won the general awards. I take this very seriously and I am reworking/rethinking how certain scores should affect others. Perhaps a blanket -negative modifier for 1s or 0s on the current rubric.

    I am not a fan of veto-ing someones list, usually just a firm reminder. Unfortunately, I think this was just a perfect sh$t storm that occurred. In 3 years of running events, those were the worst min/max lists I have ever seen.

    To argue the other side of the coin for the kill points, 20+ order dice armies have a lot of small teams and squishy units, instead of having to rack up points from cheaper units, (3 inexp squads vs 1 vet squad) isn't a generic scalp token easier to gather? 3 vs 1 in that situation above, compared to relatively equal kill points.

    Thanks again for your feedback! It is how we grow and make things better.