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Adepticon 2017 Bolt Action Coverage

Adpeticon 2017 is in the books and it was another one to remember. 4 days of Bolt Action, 4 different styled events, one ultimate weekend. Bolt Action happened!

Before we go into results and coverage, I would like to thank our sponsors organizers.

Warlord Games
Cigar Battle Mats
Pworks Battle Mats
Stoessi’s Heroes
Noble Knight Games, WI

Of course the big one, Adepticon. Without the continued support, trust, and ass kickery, we would not be able to have these events. On top of that, our local terrain contributions should not go unrecognized.

Jeremy Olsen
Mercenary Miniatures
Brent Sinclair

Friday, March 24
Bolt Action Team Event

22 teams entered the arena and fought 3 games of tough, 4 way order dice battle. Teams brought 1600 total points, 800 per side. 1 armored platoon per team. Reinforced, theater selectors, and campaign books all included. We organized proper Axis vs Allied match ups and had an even mix of those sides for the event. With one willing partisan team swapping sides where needed….

Nationality make ups included, Japanese, Finnish, German, US, Soviet, Italian, Polish, Vichy French, British, Sikh, Aussie, and Romanians.

The theme for the event was Spring Awakening. The Axis generals were organizing one last offensive to repel the Allied invasion. There were not predetermined missions. Each round, the results were weighed, and whichever side had 51% victories, dictated the direction on the flow chart we would follow. A choose your own adventure if you will.

The Allies carried the day through each round, so we followed the far left track on the chart below. Sectors, Key positions, and No Man’s Land. 

I also had made up secret bonuses to be achieved and rewarded depending on certain map results and depending on which side may need a little more support. Some included, Increased AP shells +1, out of fuel chart, misguided air and artillery strikes, bonus medic model etc. These were given out on the judge’s discretion to whichever side need a boost. The Axis more or less given battle results.

Winners and Awards

For those that attend my events in the past, this will be no surprise, but I do not award a “Best Overall” in this team event. I find it encourages a harder mindset and more aggressive lists. I award “Sportsmanship” as a top prize followed by Generals and Appearance.

Best Sportsmanship
Ben Thompson and Andrew Verticchio

Best Axis Generals
Sean Vilmont and Ryan Carlson

Best Allied Generals
Ryan Miller and Chris Pawl

Best Appearance
Dan Van Hese and Jeremy Olsen

Saturday/Sunday, March 25/26
US Nationals

The second annual US Nationals continued its success with 34 registered players, over two days and five games. The missions chosen were slightly modified 2nd edition missions.

Again, we had a great mix of armies with a slight leaning towards more Axis players. A significant drop in USA forces, I believe can be attributed to the increase in AA gun power in 2nd edition.

Winners and Awards

Best Overall
Dexter Wallis

Best Sportsmanship
Matt Doyle

Best Axis General
Sean Vilmont

Best Allied General
Geoffrey Wing

Best Appearance
Dan Van Hese

For the first time I have ever seen in a tournament, we had a dead tie for best overall. Battle scores were used to break the tie.

Full photo coverage can be found here and to the right on the “Adepticon 2017 photo album”

Disclaimer: You may see some odd tables or photos of those said battles. These campy or cheesy looking tables were deployed for a reason. We all have the great opportunity to play this game and have a good time. Sometimes this is forgotten and tempers rise or arguments ensue. These tables were meant to remind us to not be so serious and laugh at ourselves instead of scowl. Taking us back to when we did just play cops and robbers or setting up elaborate battlefields for our toy soldiers with whatever we had around us. Children at heart.

Depending how one may react to seeing these tables in use for a  historical game, maybe you should ask yourself, “why so serious?”

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