Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goblins Riding the Yellow Submarine

 And then there were two. Our numbers have dropped to 2 participating painters for this monthly installment, just have to keep on pushing. Theses goblins flesh out the last of my remaining goblins for this force, with only the beasts remaining now.
 The head swap shaman is my stand in Druzhag.
 These goblins were the bottom of the barrel in that I was bone dry on conversion ideas, so thankfully they are the last group.

 The goblins of Camelot. These spearmen donned their French infantry caps in there quest to hold the holy grail.

This goblin I think is my favorite. There are a lot of cool ones, but I like the simplicity of this and the final look. I tried a lot of bad Frankenstein body mash ups between dwarfs and goblins and only a couple worked out; this guy and little red riding hood seen above. 

That brings the total up to


Cave Drake
10 Goblins with spear and bow
4 goblins with spear
2 goblins with shield and spear
20 goblins with Shield

I will leave you with these if case you had pumpkin pie disasters at thanksgiving. 

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  1. Some interesting poses and converison work, and who can reisit the Swedish Chef for a laugh... ;-)