Friday, November 11, 2011

In the Future, there are only Marines.

With the local Bilbo's Birthday Bash tournament settled, it is time for a break from lord of the rings models for the immediate future. To replace those projects are the super soldiers of the future, Space Marines.

Just working on 1 squad plus a rhino conversion as this is for GW's "movie marine" white dwarf rule set. Looking in from the outside to the world of 40k, building space marines are cake to a fat kid.

My chapter for this project is the Iron Hands and here are a couple of the marines.

 This center guy could be called over the top, I may have gone crazy with the options and left over bits but in the end I think it fits with the Iron Hands trying to be as mechanical as possible and be a brain + metal parts. I also really wanted to use terminator parts....

 The flamer is missing a cable setup from the back pack to the wrist flamers but pretty happy with the outcome.

Merely a test build, nothing special, but a regular model was needed next to the mechanical monger above.

Having a lot of fun building these models and feeling pretty jealous over the amount of bitz these sprues come with....


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