Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bilbo's Birthday Bash Results and Coverage

Well I can finally wrap up the Bilbo's Birthday event, FUBAD, and the entire month of November as apparently next week is Thanksgiving....

A big thanks to Brent and Chris for running this event and making a great venue happen with a great core group of players.

A little recap before the photo bombs.

FUBAD pulled through and I was lucky enough to be rewarded with Best Conversion on the aforementioned Shade model and Best Diorama in the painting contest. The judging was a little off the wall in that you selected a model for the standard painting categories but it could be part of your armies in use.

The overall battle for Dol Guldur was awarded "Best of Middle Earth" award. A new award this year and to most US events, but it qualifies for having the best total image, design, and painting. Where as the appearance award was for the hard core paint scoring alone.

It is bittersweet having finished such a huge project but that chapter is now closed. Photo bombs away. The first grouping is a couple of my games and then some general event photos.

 Game 1 was a securing 4 objectives and a central hill game. I faced off against a long time player from Colorado. The first of many flying wraiths.
 I got a couple lucky hits on the troll then just jumped into combat as that is more my style.
 Things were pretty bloody with most fighting occurring on the central hill and the witch-king and Elrond squaring off for most of the game. I have never won so many fights but failed to wound before....
 The game ended in a draw with a dead tie for models on/touching the hill. Elrond, Lindir, and the witch-king just kept slap boxing until the end.
 The 2nd game was the same scenario (you play once with your good army and once with evil). I played against a fiefdoms list from a long standing local and core mid west rings player.

My orc strategy was pretty easy, get into combat as fast as possible. Had a ranger wall trying to stop that. The "hill" on this beautiful goblin town board was the central square platform.

 Some bad dice by my opponent led to a quick death of Imrahil and his knights which allowed me to sweep the flank towards the center. This led to a stalwart defense down to the last fiefdoms warrior but failing to wound he kept me off the platform and secured a minor win.
 Even Gollum showed up...
 Pushing into a later game, saw the Knights going against another witch-king and the dwimmerlaik wraith. He was pretty much a nasty guy when trying to get any of my spells or heroics off.
 In this game you had to get more models off the board than your opponent and secure 4 buried treasures. The board was tough for my cavalry and they lost the recon objective but morally I got to kill both the wraith and Witch-king so I will take that where I can....
 The last game of the event was a straight melee in that you got points for every causality your army caused. The Knights squared off against a Minas Morgul force again led by a witch-king from Colorado. He was undefeated thus far and I was the last man standing from stopping the Miami Dolphins! 

This photo sums up the whole battle. We got stuck on the hill and if not for an unlucky miscast by his shaman, my elves eventually put the heat on the orcs and caused more fatalities. The Bears defense held. My opponent went onto secure "Best General" for the event.

He has got a youtube channel highlighting a campaign they are running in CO as well as event coverage from this event.

 Meanwhile back on the wall. The FUBAD creator and my friends battle for the wall featuring the Starks, nights watch, and the wildlings.
 Great looking warrior of arnor conversions and custom shields.

 Awesome snow effects were on the ground here; a great product made by Secret Weapon.
 Ghost had his own smoke generator and LED lights from, of course, our favorite light provider,
Whew, if you made it this far more power to you. Thanks for checking it out .

Come back soon if you are interested in buying some painted armies, models, or unpainted figures from the older GW Rings line. Need to clear out some space before buying new stuff.... funny how that works.


  1. some absolutely fantastic models and maps there. wish I could have been there.