Monday, November 11, 2013

Dol Guldur Rises: Pt 2

 Here are some more remaining shots of the castle and diorama before moving onto specific models and event coverage from this past weekend. Enjoy the shots!
 Hobbit models released: I hate the new orc look
Elf Cavalry: I love the new cavalry models
Army Planning: I plan elf cavalry and need a counter force.
Buying hunter orcs: I get my hands on them and things start to turn.
Finished army: These orcs maybe my favorite models to date in the GW model line.

They screamed Native American style when I was considering paint schemes. I heavily based the face paint on the movie, "The Last of the Mohegans" and some pop culture; braveheart, the joker, and Johnny Depp from that awful lone ranger movie...

 This piece of work was developing all the way through getting primer on it. The late addition of the lit hood in the center was possible by having some open space where the 3 models meet.
 Big props to the helpful hints I got from friends, the main one being the addition of that creepy hand busting out of the ground.
This is a public service announcement, thank you, and humble brag. If you have not seen previous posts, the lighting effects used were from a great company called PoweredPlay Gaming. They came to being from a successful kick starter and really deliver.

They got the product completed and shipped fast and it allowed me to get this lights in the diorama. If you have any projects or models you want to add light to, you have to look into these. Battery powered based, window kits, and light effects circuit boards are all great additions to standard lighting.

Finally, I wanted to thank them for giving my work a shout out on the website showing off completed projects.

Lots of other great projects from hobbyists over there as well.

Check back for model close ups, event coverage, and more nonsense in the days to come.


  1. Was wondering if you could do a size comparison between the LOTR cave drake and a guardsman or space marine as I am thinking of doing a conversion but the drake might be slightly too small.

  2. counting the head, the drake is around 2.5-3 inches tall. body and spikes are 1.5inches. The body is leaner than you think. a space marine is is about even with the back of the drake, the guardsman a little shorter.