Friday, November 1, 2013

Tricky Treats

Merry Halloween! Well technically it is past, but who is to say we are not still in the hour of ghouls, trickery, and creatures of the imagination!

While my phone sits around downloading update 7.00124, I will post some hobby news!

Those may remember last years great pumpkin competition.

Unfortunately, last year it did not win and this year pumpkins were safe from my knife due to the crazy amount of work still left to do on this Lord of The Rings project.

 The battle of Pumpkins is over, but the battle for Bilbo's Birthday Bash has just begun...

So as we near the one week count down, here is a couple more teases of the board, army, and progress.


  1. looking good. I like the green-tinged armor on the castellan.

    what did you use for the spider webbing? is that just pulled cotton?

  2. it is pillow stuffing, I had it left over from making my isengard smoke plumes. but cotton balls would work as well. I liked the stuffing because the stock material is made and rolled in flat sheets so a little stretching makes for an even layered web. not clumpy.