Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dol Guldur: Model Close-ups

 As promised I have some more detailed and less busy shots of some of the Dol Guldur models.

Really Happy I finally figured out a good light booth system for taking pictures. Only took like 7 years of bad photographs to get there.

This pretty much seemed like a must make Predator reference....

 Classic Braveheart fellow.
 This was my conversion for the Bolg character. While he has not appeared in the movies as of yet, hopefully this book baddie will make an appearance soon.

 It is nice to use old model inventory for a good cause. Barrow wights are very easy to use in the spooky department.

 The rest of the orcs were variations of all the present skin tones, cloth, and armor varieties. I really like these orcs and recommend them for anyone on the fence. I am sure they fit in with any fantasy game image as well.

And we have not even gotten to the event coverage yet!


  1. Very nice work, love the DIY "Shade" (?), barrow wight conversion...

  2. That barrow wight conversion is a thing of beauty!

  3. thanks guys, yeah it is a "shade" for the concerns of the rules

  4. that shade conversion makes up for the filth ;) how many models are in there? nazgul, twilight wraith, wight... that must weigh a ton! really cool!

  5. around 5 models and parts of others. it is a bit of a brick.