Monday, March 12, 2012

Game Night

Between frenzied army building and project preparations for tournaments, some friends and I do actually play some games.

Whether it is Lord of the Rings SBG, Space Hulk, or my newest experience, BattleTech it always is a good time, usually involving me losing. Just wait until we set up the Axis and Allies 1942 world map, then I will conquer the world....

The other fun part is throwing down in the kitchen. Which until recently I was losing the race due to sheer quantity of times and locations for meet ups. But alas, I think my apartment pulled out in the lead after this time.

On the menu was Mini lasagna stuffed with homemade spicy sausage, Cornish Hens wrapped in home cured pancetta on a bed of crispy brussel sprouts and cranberries, and to finish off, Apply tarts with spiced rosemary custard.

 Back to work, so much to do before Adepticon.... 38 more days to go....

1 comment:

  1. Holy cats. I think I'd board a plane for such a spread. And Battletech!


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