Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Riders

I'm back! It has been way too long and there is no excuse for the absence, but that does not mean the work did stop! Space Marine Iron Hands Chapter has been put on hold for the upcoming Bilbo's Birthday Bash Lord of the Rings Tournament.

My MO has always been to do the unexpected so with the newest rehash of GW's army building structure, the Armies of good as a whole took a hit and are now inferior to evil armies according to majority opinions. So this begins the experiment of proving stuff wrong by building an army of "squishy" Rohan.

As always, theme is the number one priority even while disproving flawed armies, so this force is going to be built around the Battle on the Fords of Isen.   

 On the left side we have the forces of Rohan led by Theodred. On the right will be a pack of wolves and warriors of Dunland, invading the westfold and the riverlands.
 While yes! those may not seem like GW normal models, that is because they are not. These Spanish knights have been re-purposed into Riders of Rohan. They draw inspiration from either Alan lee's or John Howe's illustrations, I do not have the drawing on hand, but it was from an old calendar. Very much Saxon or Norman inspiration.
 In other versions these beefed up riders could also stand in for the elite Sons of Eorl.
To go with our off the wall army composition, yes those are new and improved Rohan outriders with borrow cloaks from some spare rangers of Gondor, anyway, a very off the wall paint scheme is in order and what is better than borrow some hot rod red.

 While some might say that is totally Game of Thrones, it would look great on the Rohan style armor and who doesn't like a red cloak.

 Our local royal guard assigned to Theodred are going to be taking a Roman hint to match up and compliment our boys in red.
Anyway, super early progress, lots of black and white models, will hopefully be back real soon with some paint down!

 Almost forgot, had some great dismounts to show off, middle is Erkenbrand and a couple rohan riders on foot.


  1. Interesting project and diversion from the standard "Rohan look". I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

  2. Rohan totally gives me the Saxon/viking vibe, then throwing in some really great paint schemes should make it pop in a non traditional way. deciding about free handing roman shield designs or decal...


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