Monday, January 7, 2013

Resolution Riddles

Well we are seven days into the New Year and I have already half broke a resolution. Remember that time we all said we would not buy more models until we painted and finished some of the stuff we already had?

Yeah, that one is in the garbage.

Finally saw the Hobbit and it brought back how much I enjoyed High Elves and hated played against them. I totally planned ahead for this and am bringing back the pain and gain of Spartan Elf cavalry with they're new and improved rules.

Unfortunately I did not model lances on them... so something will have to be figured out for that...

Otherwise I am looking to add a bunch more with lances but based on the same conversion, elf infantry with rohan riders. Potentially armies revolve around an all mounted 18 model force with a pimped out Elrond; or a 12 cavalry contingent led by a captain and then backed up by a high elf foot warband.

The options go back and forth between army theme and a little more game versatility.

So with my already failed resolution, I hesitantly resolve to

1. Paint at least 10 models a month or
2. Complete 1 larger project (terrain, display board etc) a month.  

1 comment:

  1. Glad you enjoyed the movie.
    Best of luck with your resolution!


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