Thursday, August 22, 2013

LED Life

 BY THE POWER! The kickstarter santa came today and left a wonderful package full of LED's. This is the fruits of Powered Play Gaming kickstarter. It shipped close to on time and did not hit the common snag of being months late.

I picked up the Alpha kit which included 4 boards, 4 on-off switches, and 4 9V battery connectors. As well as 16 light cables with 2 lights per connector.

 My previous attempts into the world of model electronics involved tea lights at the basic level and the more advanced model railroad transformer set-ups. That was fun figuring out useful tips to how actual lights and wires work but a pain in the butt for small modeling situations.

This product is AMAZING. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to add lights to the table top. It runs on a 9V regular batter or as seen in the first photo, a mini 9V battery they just finished.

Currently in post production is the light effects board for strobe, pulse, fire, and many more options, those will be shipping later in the fall.

Summer progress and plot lines are going according to plan; so the triumphed return of Dol Guldor, Fubad, and the LEDs will hit the project table again on September 1st.

So now that I have the wires and lights, check out some previews of what will be coming down the assembly line...

P.S. check out the daily puppy pic at the bottom of the page, moving up in the world!


  1. I'm loving this project Jeremy. These lights look awesome. Now I want to build some terrain that would use these. I'm pretty sure that's backwards but I'm a gamer, so it's to be expected.

  2. Go for it! It really is a great product. Biggest issue I had with self wiring was getting the right power pack to light situation. And the size, all those wires and such does not make something portable.

    You can see it in person in November! come on out with Keith, it is not too late!


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