Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pink Foam Rising

1 Warhammer Fortress
2 New Hack saw blades
1 pot of coffee

Enough plastic shavings/powder to look like an extra from Scarface...

Keep in mind all pieces are in they're raw state, lots of repairs and gap filling await my future....

I knew going into this stage it was going to be a lot of sawing, but I completely underestimated the level of frustration one can reach with hack saw blades... waiting for the consumer micro lightsaber to be released from Apple any day now.

In complete FUBAD fashion, I was told,

 "Make the tower bigger."

"But I am going to add more ruins onto the stock tower size"

"Just make it bigger anyway."


"Why not?"

So the tower got a expansion.

 The concept is a mash up of what we have seen so far from the hobbit + on hand materials (fortress pieces) + original Lord of the Rings Mordor home decor.
I am regretting not adding on the giant tube of green stuff to my most recent Warstore order. The white bridge is a stand in for reference, Will be trying to match the movie bridge exactly once that step is upon me.

 The inside of the keep will have a Scooby Doo dungeon entrance leading to the caves on the outside of the walls. Originally I had planned to enclose the entire piece in walls, but it ended up looking too small for what Dol Guldor should be. The one back side will be left open ended with the floor tiling giving the impression of continuation. This is simply the gatehouse.
These had to have been bought at least 5 years ago, but they are going to add some much needed character to the stock kit walls.

Without taking a sludge hammer to the newly cut pieces, a lot of the ruined look and feel will come from the painting and scenic elements. It is a mash up, not a complete recreation. I like to think of it as a West side Minas Morgul.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Last of the Orcs

"The frontier moves with the sun and pushes the Red Man of these wilderness forests in front of it until one day there will be nowhere left. Then our race will be no more, or be not us."

Moving forward to our main antagonists, the Orcs of Dol Guldor. From what we can gather, the next hobbit movie, or the one after that, will have some sort of big old battle in Mirkwood. So this will hopefully be an accurate guess as to the participates.

The first hobbit movie introduced the new "hunter orcs"
Some sort of cross between the warg orcs in The Two Towers and Native Americans. Which in turn gave me some inspiration for how to make this army stand out.

I plan on taking, mainly war paint designs, from Mayan, Aztec, and Native American cultures. A very tribal feel for these orcs. The first couple of heroes are in they're beta test, no base work have been done, so judge those kindly.

The first orc will be a hunter orc captain from the Hobbit rulebook, and the 2nd will be Bolg. The enemy from the battle of five armies. From the 1-2 photos we have seen from the movie versions, his character could predominately be situated around Dol Guldor and the white orc could carry over to the battle. We will have to see. 

 Going to be using some green paint to make these brave heart warpaint pop on the orcs.
The silent shadows that will protect this creepy castle will be a castellan of Dol Guldor.

So hopefully this will be a quick tease as to the future evils that will be developing in the dungeons of FUBAD...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The World of Men is Weak

"There's no strength left in the world of men"

Finished up a custom Elrond conversion. I know I may have said previously that the GW knight kit allows for this model, but I just wanted something with a little more armor... close to 9 models went into this armored tank. 

Base is just for standing, looks a little rough with the mix match of parts, but it flows nicely and is clean.

Just a quick update, but this was the start of our FUBAD project, lots of cutting, kicking, scraping, and drilling. 

 Wolf approved.
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