Thursday, May 2, 2013

The World of Men is Weak

"There's no strength left in the world of men"

Finished up a custom Elrond conversion. I know I may have said previously that the GW knight kit allows for this model, but I just wanted something with a little more armor... close to 9 models went into this armored tank. 

Base is just for standing, looks a little rough with the mix match of parts, but it flows nicely and is clean.

Just a quick update, but this was the start of our FUBAD project, lots of cutting, kicking, scraping, and drilling. 

 Wolf approved.


  1. I'm spotting an elf archer's arm, w hand from sword elf. morgul knight horsehead on a... rohan? horse. Bottom half of RoR (or at least RoR feet on maybe a Harad upper legs?), guessing top half is leftover from elf cav set. that's only 7 though... am I close?

    not sure what is more impressive, your conversion, or the fact that you have a wolf!

  2. It is a buddy of mines "wolf", but he watches over the foam building.

    I was counting each of the horses armor plates as they came from separate elf warriors. harad legs mixed with rohan, and you got the morgul knight along with some parts of the new elf knight kit. Cape is all putty.

  3. I think your Elrond looks cool. Can't wait for the painted finish.