Monday, April 29, 2013


Adepticon has come and gone and with it great times and plans for the future. Due to some work issues, I only got to play in the team format event. Big shout out to my teammate Charly, who, without him I do not think we would have walked away with the Best Sportsmanship award; first wining that!

The Watcher in the water did pretty good, turned out to be more of a mental model with opponents worrying about where and when he will pop up. Of the 3 games, had some close ones games and interesting match ups.

 As we progress towards the next big thing, November's Bilbo birthday bash tournament, plans are being laid, big plans.

I have always had a certain thematic curse with my army lists and this will be no other. A fellow gamer and I have begun the FUBAD club in preparation for the event. Details will be kept secret, but as steps progress more will be revealed.

Some plot points are,

-Super thematic
-appearance oriented
-as always, not that competitive

We are going to be working on some new hobby techniques and skills, some new, some just refined. Check back for developments.

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  1. The FUBAD club sounds intriguing. Looking forward to learning some more. Always like seeing Adepticon pictures down here in NZ