Thursday, February 13, 2014

War, Waffles, and Wolverine

Respect is earned, not given. 

That is my quote of the year. It applies to all facets of life and should never be underestimated when considering who you follow and who follows you. 

Enough of that, onto waffles. The fridge was winding down on supplies like a ration order in the middle of the battle of Britain.

So I made waffles. And when there is waffles you need syrup. Not having syrup the only maple item in the cabinet was Knob Creek's Maple aged. Thus my new greatest tradition was born, waffles and whiskey. Mind blown.

This guys mind was blown too. The Imperial Japanese army has been finished, at least this variation of it. We have got some veteran jungle fights, I like to think they would do okay against a Predator.

These guys are mostly metal figures from warlord. They maintain a good pose variety but being a little dated in the product line the sculpts are a little dull or messy.

The aforementioned mind blown model comes from my sniper team.
 In the Bolt Action rules these guys are deadly in that they get to avoid an cover bonuses targets may get. They also get to choose they're targets, so you can target the officers in the words of the Swamp Fox!

A little custom sculpted jungle suit for these guys. I think his spotter may have to go back to IJA school of not standing up when you see a bad guy...

 A great way to get those pesky marines off the beachhead is a good ole fashioned flame thrower! Complete with custom built back pack and trusty team member who I don't really know his role in the operation...

Our fearless leader of these rising sun warriors is....

Obviously Huge Jackman.... Or it is this honor bound 2nd Lt. and his secretary. Just for kicks it might be fun to convert up a Jackman prisoner model.

The Japanese surprised the British with they're quick movements through China and sweeping down the coast. Through the use of mounting squads on bicycles and forced marches, the Japanese initial invasions surprised the allies. They're equipment did not do much inspiring....

 When compared to the German war machine, the Japanese used a lot of outdated items. Mainly in the artillery and tank department. This gun looks like a civil war cannon and is one of the handful of variations of anti-tank calibers deployed in the field. I am banking on the camouflage scaring the tank away or just ignoring me.

A very unique display board was thrown together for this force. Something off the wall and could be too artsy but will show that off after next weeks trip to the desert. Arizona, valley of the sun meet the rising sun!

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