Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Sable Success

This little fella just made my summer. Those cute little paws ventured out of his winter hibernation and right into my paint brush....

If anyone has been trying to get they're hands on winsor and newton series 7, oh in the past 8 months to a year; they may have found them sold out.

Fear not! Dick Blick art supplies has now updated the brush status, saying inventory will be refreshed come June 2014.

So thanks little buddy, your fur makes pretty amazing brushes, hopefully those trappers treat you nice and give you some scooby snacks. So go get me some brushes you crazy Archduke!


  1. Were you actually able to get the new W&N S7 brushes last June? I thought I could last the summer, then my 2/0, 1/0, and 0 W&N S7 brushes frayed on me about 2 weeks ago, all in the course of 3 day period. I got about a year and a half of heavy usage out of them, so I'm not too sad. I know it was a short window to get the brushes last June, but it looks like another window of opportunity is opening up the beginning of August. Looks like I'm stuck using synthetics til then. Ho-hum

  2. I didnt even have a chance to look myself and now they are gone again! I will have to place an order i guess and hope for the back order.


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