Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Rule of 2s

Two. 2. II.

Recently the rule of 2s has been making it's presence known. The rule of two is the lessor known brother to the rule of 3s in which stuff sometimes happens in 3s; good stuff, bad stuff, sneezes, etc. This just seems to be happening in 2s recently.

It has been real busy at work and I have just been scraping by with my painting quota and terrain builds for the upcoming Bilbo's Birthday Bash event which, again, is under 2 weeks away.

Last week it had been my 2 month anniversary since starting work and to celebrate, my boss and bosses boss gave me a promotion. That was fun.

It is also rapidly approaching the 2nd month of our Tale of Four Gamers and I figure I will give you all a sneak peak at the cave drake.

It is so life like isn't it? I know it is not the actually model, but that is the paint scheme I am using.Some real solid work has been done and I am looking forward to getting this model finished, it paints up pretty easy so far although I have not gotten to the belly and underside yet...

So please stay tuned for a bunch of super cool updates in the next week or so as well as full coverage of the largest Independent Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Tournament ever held in the US.


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