Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fright Night

With October comes all those edited for TV slasher movies; so I decided to get my fright on and broke out the hack saw for some slicing and dicing.

 Most of my center pieces contain dwarves getting the snot beat out of them... its a mocking of their defense stat...
 This guys neck really gave me some trouble. The entire model needs green stuff obviously, but I should be able to make the neck look better than a wrung out towel like it is now.
 This is a preview of the goblins "Super Sturdy Travel" Display board. The pillars use magnets, and each of the sides is hinged that collapses like those old micro machine play sets. Place your orders while supplies last!


  1. Thanks! I have some great Rings terrain coming out by November too! Tell all your friends!

  2. That is an impressive conversion of the drake...really look forward to seeing how this piece comes out!


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