Friday, September 30, 2011

Tale of Four Gamers: Month 1

Well the first month of our Tale of Four Gamers is at a close, and I think overall our group are slow painters! I know I put it off and stayed up late getting the finishing touches done so I would not be behind for next month.

So here it goes, 150 points for Lord of the Rings Goblins.

 Overall I am happy with the end result, brushed the dust of 1+ years of not touching a model. The goblins of a classic case of blob model definitions when it comes to one part ending and a new section beginning so that took a little while to get comfortable with
 21 models in a batch painting session was a little rough but not impossible, I think it is the only way to get through this many goblins.
 Overall my painting style is a darker tone for all my armies, I like using the red and yellow to make the models stand out with a lot of black armor and brown leathers etc.

 Only model I did not get to is Dino the goblin horse, I plan on using him for a test paint for the larger cave drake coming up for next months commitment.
 They could be better but I will take it for getting back into the grind of painting and getting them done on time in our little competition.

Personal Grade: B-
Up for next month, a Cave Drake! This guy will double for the up coming Bilbo's Birthday Bash painting competition. I've got the dremmel charging and hack saw sharp...

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