Thursday, September 1, 2011

 September 1st is here and that means back to school sales. No that is not it, that means football! That's good, but there was something else... ah yes, the first installment of Chicago's Tale of Four Gamers!

Having not touched a goblin model since the release of the Fellowship of the Ring boxed set back in I can't remember that far, I am returning full circle to build a huge horde of those little buggers.

I picked up these models second hand and they had already been glued and primed. thus the conversions and greenstuff looks extra funky next to the black base coat. I plan on hand priming them to avoid excessive paint build up from a 2nd spraying.
 For this months quota I went with stock troops to get back in the painting and converting groove since not having built a model in over a year. Here is the 150 points.

1 Goblin Shaman
11 Goblins with shields
10 goblins with spears

 Usually 100% of my conversions are my own creation, but I have to give credit to this site for inspiring these "karate jump" goblins.

 Here are some some more variations, I want to have a good mix of hooded goblins in case in the future I have the need to differentiating prowlers with shields from regular swordsmen. In this army they make no difference.

I know goblins cannot ride baby cave drakes but this guy has been training him it was an egg.
 The axes are the first of many dwarf acquisition parts.
 And now we come to it at last, the dreaded goblin spear model. I could not live with 21 generic, stock goblin spear models so I took a bunch of archers and my dremmel and went to town. The spears are from Warhammer Ancients weapon suppliers.

That is it! 22 goblins to be painting for the month of September, now just waiting for my paint order to be shipped....

Overall I am happy with how they turned out, nothing ever comes out exactly how you plan it but I have got the feel for greenstuff again and looked forward to tackling the cave drake for next month!

Check back soon for a battle report with my Harad Cavalry.


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  1. I love the conversions. The "ninja" goblins are a great concept for sure. I laughed out loud when I saw the Goblin riding the baby Drake. You should ask some of our friends with multiple drakes if they are keeping the extra babies :)


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