Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pissed Pirate Peppers

Pissed: I wanted to try new paints for my upcoming armies and heard a lot about Vallejo paints. I did my research and through Vallejo's website picked out the colors they had. Their paints were close to $1 cheaper than Gamesworkshop's Citadel line and around 5mL more paint. 

The order came in from my internet business provider, Neal at The Warstore, always has great service and products from him. I looked at 4/10 of the colors I ordered and they were awful, absolutely the wrong colors I needed. I went back and checked the names, my order, and the original Vallejo product pamphlet on their website.

It all matched but it still remained that the photos of their paints online are not even close to the physical product. For example, livery green, online is a pale dull green, while in person looks like the incredible hulk radioactive green. On top of that some of the bottles are as thin as an ink or wash yet should be a paint consistency.

I guess I learned my lesson in that I should pay a little extra for the quality I know, instead of the hassle of the unknown. I do really like their squirt bottle design though, just needed to see their stuff in person first I guess.
 Pirates!: Well they are not quiet pirates but they are my starting 12 man crew for the Legends of the High Seas. These are Perry Brothers Hesse-Cassel Jaeger from their revolutionary war line. I really liked their look, the captain has an eye patch, and they will certainly be different than anyone else bringing a royal navy crew.

 Peppers: Got a fiery package in the mail from my parents garden. Way to many peppers to actually consume so I close my eyes, picked a handful out, and food processed them with some onion, garlic, lemon juice, and parsley.

This turned into "melt-your-face-pepper spread/salsa" that will keep nicely in the fridge for when I tempt fate and melt my insides.


  1. Hey Jeremy,

    sorry abut your hassle, I find the Vallejo paints superior to both my GW and Reaper paints. As far as the colors comparisons go. Use the chart here

    to match Vallejo paints to the GW colors you know.

    Seeing your painting pirates and LotR, I recommend starting with Vallejo military FOW sets for your earthtones and keep your GWs for your primarys..that's what I did..

    The salsa looks awesome.

  2. The stuff that was actually the colors I wanted are good, and the bottle design works well, just doubled my work now cause I have to mix more colors that should have been out of the bottle.

    Watery paints is just a pet peeve of mine, GW has watery paints, probably most companies do, I just hate getting that one haha.

  3. Jeremy,

    With the paints, you need to add a small piece of lead to act as a mixer. What you probably have is some of the paint has slightly separated, the mixer will help. I use lead heads from old minis that were miscast or duplicates.

    The Perry stuff looks good man, can't wait to see them painted.

    The salsa looks good man, you will need to do some cooking when you come to GitD 2012!

  4. John, we should try to get a LoTHS game in the future, I am still waiting for my signed copy of the rules from the author ;)

  5. The pigment of the Vallejo paints is very fine and has tendency to settle to the bottom. This is very much the case of a bottle that has been sitting for a while. Tim is right about adding a mixer. I also find that sometimes you need to remove the dropper and mix by hand. A piece of metal rod works well. Once you have a good mix the paint should not be thin or watery.