Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Future: War and Flashy Paint Schemes

While painting continues on the goblins of the Misty Mountains, my thoughts wander to the future, where their is only war and flashy paint schemes and our heroic space marines. Using those great marine paint generators out there I have come up with 2 potential schemes for my 10 man movie marine squad.
 These guys are going to be part of the Iron Hands chapter so I had to go with their black and silver base colors but it is way too boring without some highlight colors. Combine this with my previous post on my conversion ideas and I think this should match up nicely. 

I will need to brush up on making black highlights look nice.... and a straight chainmail/mithril silver scheme might need to be dulled with some greys or darker silvers. Obviously they will have their shoulder transfers.
 I would like to play with this camouflage style on some of their shoulder pads or maybe the assault marine conversions. Leaning towards a small sponge brush technique, will have to test that out.
With the movie marine list you can buy a rhino/razorback or use your points for stunt doubles, vehicles are of course way cooler. I love the Valkyrie model but it would not fit very well as it is Guard.

I will be building a rhino + drop pod hovercraft/flyer vehicle. Yes this statline will be a rhino, but it will look cooler as a flyer, which is what the movie marines are all about.

Check back in 6 days for our first months Tale of four gamers completion! Next month should see a big hurt on the wallet with marine box buys, forgeworld, and bitz pick ups.

Leave a comment to vote for paint schemes.

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