Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Fords of Isen

 With less than a week to go, and the finishing touches have been, well finished. There is a small matter for 4 models left to paint but the rest is all done. The tournament format is 3 games with a good army and 3 games with an evil army. Who couldn't make matching forces...
 Giving my dunland army another chance in the spot light it sets a great Rohan scene in the fords. While the stat lines maybe less than stellar for a lot of the army, it fits a great theme and display for the force.
 I really wanted to capture a chaotic scene and a dynamic unity to the display. The bright difference in army colors also adds some clarity to a scattered appearance.
 It was the first time using a resin product called, envirotex. The wooden box sprung some leaks but in the end the resin gave a great water look.
 Clash in the center with Theodred and the Dunland King.

Really looking forward to seeing all the armies next weekend and check back for event coverage later.


  1. Great looking army. I'm curious: a small group of us in Northern VA recently had a tournament where we tried out three of the new scenarios at 600 points. Is this a similarly sized tournament?

  2. Yes this tournament is a 600 point format. The slight variation is forced good vs evil match-ups by having each player bring one of each force. Over 6 games each army will be used 3 times. We will see how it goes this weekend.


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