Friday, October 5, 2012

Viking Law

The Cavalry has arrived! HBO's costuming sure has been an inspiration for these army, especially with my Westfold Redshields led by Erkenbrand.

Going forward, these conversions can also double as the elite sons of eorl units for future variations of Rohan forces. 

 The gamble of using some generic historical knights paid off. While GW's constant price hikes, it was a great way to finally get this army on the table and not drop 3/4 of the wallet. I believe that when playing GW games and going to a tournament, if everyone built and painted their armies exactly like the box showed, it would be a boring looking tournament.

You have to go outside the box sometimes. While walking through the Baltimore tournament halls way back when; the armies I still remember are the ones with over the top, out of the box designs over the plain, expertly painted forces.
 A couple horses still need some paint...
Progress is going better than I thought. With now half the army finished and 3.5 weeks on the timeline, I am hoping for no all night paint sessions the week of...

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