Saturday, February 16, 2013

Games workshop Big Meal Deal

The planets align and so do Games workshop's prices in all they're game systems. The past couple years the now Hobbit game system, previously Lord of the Rings Strategy battle game, has been climbing the price ladder up to the top.

The unconventional sees the Knights of Rivendell box set as $50.00 for 6 models. With the big meal deal though you get a quick upgrade. The Hobbit sets have been upping the ante on extra bits and sprues. You have the option to either build 6 complete knights with helmets or make 2 of them no hat captains. They also give you 2 casualty models for fun.

So without buying a $40.00 finecast Elrond model, you already have one plastic Elrond.

If you have 2 extra horses lying around and little time, you can build 2 more knights as seen here.

So total value, 7 knights and 1 hero for $50.00. Market value close to 100.Throw in some minas tirith conversions and we have got a pile of arrow fodder.


  1. I don't know still. I understand they need to up prices for due to the costs of upkeeping the business, but it's really growing. In the U.K, where I am, it was about £15 for 24 miniatures previously. Now it's like £15 for 12 miniatures. That's a big difference in my opinion. Fair enough in the Hobbit sets, well, the Knights of Rivendale set, you get some extra parts, but not all are like that are they? But nice post. Good way to try and sell it :P oh, and nice conversions.

    Nathan from Nathan's Fiction Sphere

  2. I am by no means making excuses for GW's prices. It was just nice to get 110% out of a box that seemed to be a money sink. This has been the only Hobbit release I have bought and will stay that way until the next movie.

  3. nice conversions.

    what line are the horses from? I don't recognize them from any GW set, but they seem to fit in pretty well.

  4. they were some spanish crusaders from old glory I am pretty sure.