Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Watcher in the Water

I will leave you with more shiny pictures than text, up will be the Knights of Elrond. 
There is never enough time to build and paint all those monsters you have lying around. But here is another one off the list. Hopefully those tentacles cause some problems for opponents armies...

 Included in the games point cost is the Watcher's kitty pool, he has to carry it around the battlefield with him, provides +2 defense.


  1. Jeremy, when I saw this WIP, I wasnt so sure but seeing it in completion, I must say "awesome, quite impressive and its a playable piece. I like it better than the stock model!

  2. it was a huge sculpting learning curve going from cloaks and armor to actual monster body parts... it has some issues but it will serve it's purpose nicely. I just hated those GW crab legs.... in general it tears at me using a model in the game that clearly only survives in water yet all our battlefields are on dry land hehe


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