Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Knights of Rivendell

Adepticon is looming and there are a million things on my to do list but start is starting to materialize. I almost got aboard the excuse train and took it all the way to procrastination station. Thankfully stronger will prevailed and I am super excited how these knights of Rivendell came out and to have them done.

I kept with my original Elf paint scheme of "300" red. I have a large infantry contingent that began this spartan crimson concept a couple years ago.

I do not know how the future rules might change this army list, but as it stands it has Elrond, Lindir, and captains as options with cavalry as troop types.

The 600 point version clocks in at a low 17 models, so like always, I go into my games with a giant handicap. They are all bow armed per the army special rules so depending on who I am playing or what mood I am in I can always play the dink and dodge game if I really have to. Most times I will probably just be charging in and hoping natures wrath goes off.

Call me crazy but now that our local Bilbo's Birthday Bash has embraced 750 point games I will most likely be bringing my previous 8 converted knights to have an astonishing 25 model army! At least it will look cool....


  1. Nice job, I hope you do well with them!

  2. They look great as always. I'm glad I won't be facing them any time soon.

  3. I love the spartan look. Very good. Shame about the amount of models you can actually use though aye? Well, least in custom scenarios etc you can get better use out of them. Why not play against an endless horde of Goblins or something? That way the Goblins make up for their lack in defence and strength with untold numbers, and you get to use all your models. Obviously you'd have a certain objective that would be made difficult by the fact its a Goblin horde, whilst the Goblins just have to either wipe you out, kill the leader, or something


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